Friday, 3 February 2017

HAUL: Iceland & Duty Free

It doesn't matter where I go, if there's a mall you can be sure I will find it and if I have to pass duty free then I will sure as hell go shopping haha. In all honesty I was a bit of a prat and thought Iceland wouldn't really have any shops but that was kinda stupid of me as people live there sooo well done Amy! Anyways point is I did indeed find a mall as well as going into all the touristy shops at every stop along the way also! In case you go to Iceland, the mall I found was right outside of Reykjavik and is called Kringlan, has the most amazing tiger shop I've ever seen among other things including a big superstore kinda like Tesco but way better because it has a huge NYX stand and high end stuff and there was even a free bus transfer from the city center so there you go!

Anyways the first two images are from duty free at Heathrow Airport and I was super excited because they had Nars and Tom Ford so I could finally buy the Nars concealer (Chantilly) and a Tom Ford lipstick (Indian Rose) at a slightly nicer price! For my Mac lipstick to remember the trip by (I've brought one for every trip I've gone on starting when I went to Paris) I went for On and On as it kinda reminded me of the Northern Lights and hoped it would bring me luck (It did but more on that in another post!) I also picked up UD Ultimate Basics, UD liquid moondust in Zodiac which again kinda reminded me of the Northern Lights and Mac Liptensity in Blue beat.

Some Icelandic touristy stuff and as always postcards are a must! The magic symbol necklace is for good sleep and it's either the necklace actually working or having a dog but either way I no longer have insomnia *parrrrrrrtaayyy* I friggin' LOVE the coaster "Don't fuck with Iceland! we may not have cash but we've got ash." It reminds me of the epic tour guide I had for two of my excursions and is pretty funny if you remember that ickle volcano that caused all that drama haha. The lucky lava did indeed bring me luck too!

I had to get a memento of the Blue Lagoon so I went for picking a few travel sized things so I could try more and it wasn't as extortionately expensive haha. I got a body scrub, moisturiser for face and body, silica mud mask and toner. These were still ridiculously expensive but yano how often do you go to the blue lagoon and this deal wasn't at the airport so I'm glad I brought it at the blue lagoon as you can get some blue lagoon products in duty free/some shops in Iceland.

My last full day was spent shopping and later that evening seeing the Northern Lights. When you go on tours they can be 9 or 10 hour days so I treated myself to a lay in and then perused the shops! To my surprise (although when you think about it not so surprising because some of the Icelandic land is technically in America) there was the biggest NYX counter/size of a small shop I had ever seen and I was finally able to get my hands on the two nyx lip lingerie's I had wanted that always seemed to be sold out in boots! I got exotic and embellishment along with a lid lingerie as I hadn't seen the ones for your eyes before, a pot of glitter as it is something I don't have in my stash at home and it looked amazing for my work's xmas do and a pretty lip liner.

Last but by no means least, The Iceland side of duty free!! some of these things definitely weren't cheaper but the Chanel nail varnish and Clarins instant light perfector were on sale so win! I also picked up a mini Clinque moisture surge because I have been wanting to try it for a while, as well as a mini Smashbox photo finish primer water as I have the Freedom or Makeup Revolution cheap version, can't remember which brand and actually for me personally they are no different but still nice to use all the same. I also picked up some little Real Techniques sponges and the Smashbox camera ready BB water which I'm really enjoying.

I also got a few other things like Xmas decorations as depending on the time of year that also seems to be a tradtion and various presents including two tiny tiny tiny (I'm talking little jam jar size you normally get with scones) pots of honey for £10 each haha. Apparently it was special honey so who knows, they were presents so I'll never find out haha, damn you confusing exchange rate. I also got quite a few Icelandic shots that I will probably never drink because they look too nice lined up with my Gullfoss shot glass, I'm sentimental like that hah, anything is a souvenir!!

Now that I have my ickle rescue doggie Roxy, I won't be going on holibobs for quite some time and my bank balance sure as hell thanks me haha although I just spoil the dog now!! I'm gunna write a post all about her and the adoption process for Battersea so keep a look out if you are interested in that. I can honestly say Iceland was the most amazing life affirming trip I have ever been on, even more so than New York and so I can't wait to share my Itinerary and pictures with you! - Amy x

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