Thursday, 19 January 2017

UPDATED: Makeup collection/storage

The last time I did one of these was about two years ago! I can't believe it's been that long. My collection/storage has changed a few times since then but I've just had a change around/sort out and I'm really happy with it so I thought I'd share. I have a chest of drawers that's 2/3 full and two helmers from Ikea where everything is stored.

On top of the chest of drawers I have my most used brushes and No7 mirror which I love! To the left I have my high-end palettes so that I can actually see them all and make use of them!! My favourites atm are the ABH modern renaissance palette and Tarte rain forest of the sea palette

To the left is a cute little set up I love of cacti candles from primark and a fake plant book, it's actually a notebook! I also keep my cotton pads in a recycled yankee candle jar. To the right you can see my chest of drawers and helmer's. I use a dymo embossing label maker so I know what is in each drawer and it makes it so much easier to find exactly what I'm after!

This is the top drawer of the chest of drawers and it is basically heaven on earth! To the left I have liquid lipsticks and glosses and to the right I have solid lipsticks, palettes and all my other brushes. I've labelled the top of all of them so I can just glance and pick one I fancy which means I should hopefully get more use out of all of them and there are a lot haha. To do this I used A LOT of Hofta drawer dividers from Ikea, they are really easy to use, you just cut them to size and hey presto!

I have done the same with my nail varnish so that I can see all the colours I have and pick which ones I fancy so I should get more use out of them. To the right I have my top and base coats as well as remover ect and to the back I have a bag full of halloween/sfx makeup.

Here you can see my helmer's more closely with everything labelled and they go down in order of how I would apply everything so it makes applying my makeup a blissful dream and I can actually see all of my options.

This is the concealer, primer and setting spray drawer.

This is the foundation and powder drawer. I really need to downsize this more, no one needs that many foundations haha.

This is my bronze, contour and blush drawer. It is great I can see everything because I definitely neglect these in my routine so seeing everything and it being in order makes it so easy for me to use!

In this drawer I have my large high street contour/highlight/blush palettes including an urban decay palette that shouldn't be in there and my single high lighters. My favourites atm are Jeffree Star Lavender snow and Becca Champagne pop. To use the Hofta dividers in the helmer drawers I just cut them down vertically and horizontally.

This is the first of my eye drawers and in here I have colourpop shadows, cream shadows, pigments, single shadows, primers and mascara. My favourite's at the moment are definitely colourpop, the formula is AMAZING.

In this eye drawer I have eye sticks, liquid liner, brow products, pressed glitter and liners and kohl liners.

In here I have my high street eye shadow palettes as well as Tanya Burr shadows in one of the freedom magnetic palettes and makeup geek shadows in the other as well as a freedom banana powder and contour powder.

This drawer houses extra tools and makeup brush cleaner.

Onto skincare! I have my skincare routine in my bedroom so the next two drawers are over flow if you will. It mostly houses masks and travel sized/smaller products so when I run out of something this is where I go fishing!

In here I have my larger skincare products which mainly consists of micellar water, makeup wipes, even more masks and various other bits and bobs.

Last but by no means least I have a drawer full of empty makeup bags which honestly I never use because I just chuck products in my bag haha.

My hair products are stored in my room as that's next to the bathroom so makes more sense! So that's my updated makeup collection, If you see anything but can't see the label, let me know and I'll be happy to tell you! Also if you want a review of anything let me know! - Amy x

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