Saturday, 17 December 2016

NEW IN: Christmas Decorations!

As I sit here listening to Heart xtra Christmas on the tv I thought I should probably blog about the new decorations I've brought this year before It's too late as Christmas day is next sunday?!?! crazy. I went a bit mad so I wont go on and on. I've picked a few and by a few I mean 12, oops, of my favourites! I tend to look in most, well every, shop I can think of that sells decorations because you can get super pretty ones for cheap but some are worth splurging on!

I LOVE M&S decorations and this year they out did themselves! I knew I was rescuing a dog so wanted a dog decoration (my family has had Roxy, the cheeky Jack Russell cross, for just over three weeks and I will write all about her and the process soon!) and ended up with two! I went with a more tradtional option and then a pink poodle because why not! I also picked up a glittery unicorn because it's a freaking glittery unicorn and I got a pink present because I liked the old school vibe and it reminded me of my grandma's decorations. These were between £5 and £6 each but are on a 3 for 2.

I also got a light up A from M&S which was £5 and I love that it is red and glittery, so festive! The holographic snowflakes are from wilkinsons for £1 I believe, no more than £1.50 and look so pretty up. I don't really have a colour scheme it's kinda anything I like goes so these fit in perfectly being multicoloured! I picked up a set of two cars with the christmas trees on for £4.99 and a set of four of those mushrooms (two green, two red) for either £1.99 or £2.99, either way they were cheap, from Longacres garden center. Highly reccommend that place for christmas dec's as they literally have everything and it is all set out in colour ways which makes it easy.

I also went to Garsons garden center, this place wins most beautiful Christmas displays hands down, it is absolutely stunning, if it's near you you must go! I got the leaf, cooper star and humming bird from there and prices vary from £1.99-£3.99, I believe they are all Gisela Graham. The humming bird reminds me of my favourite tattoo I have. Finally the Effile tower is from Asda and was £3 and it reminds me of my trip to Paris, it is beautiful!

Finally what would Christmas be without a festive candle! I normally buy a big Yankee jar but as my Candy cane lane and another large yankee jar are still going strong from last year, I just stuck to votives this year.

The first four are ones I brought seperatly, are from the Yankee Home Inspirations range and they are Candy cane forest, Raspberry sundae, Merry mint chocolate and Winter mornings. These are really cheap and good a nice amount of scent, for the money you can't complain and I got these from Asda. I believe they are £1 each so nearly half of what the original/normal Yankee candle votives are.

I also got a set of three I believe from Asda but you can also get Yankee Home Inspiration from Tesco as well. These are Sparkling cinnamon spice, Fresh balsam fir and Santa's treat.

Finally I got a set of five orginal Yankee votives from Clintons as it included new Christmas scents I haven't got. These are Festive cocktail, All is bright, Macaron treats, Red apple wreath and Star anise and orange.

I think I'll be pretty busy trying to use all these up considering I still have a lot from last year but I can't help but buy them and they smell so good!!

I also brought a large snow globe from Clintons and wanted to give it a shout out as they are currently £10 instead of £15 and also play a little tune and I have been looking for what feels like forever for a decently priced nice snow globe so If you have that very same mission check them out! Mine is a little house surrounded by trees with Santa on his sleigh going over the house and it plays Silent Night, so cute!!

Where is your favourite place to buy decorations?- Amy x

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