Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Second half of my New York trip! - Path train to New Jersey, Carlos Bakery, epic views, amazing doughnuts and being a real tourist!

The second half of my trip was mainly spent shopping and sight seeing all the stuff you just look at/doesn't cost anything to do if that makes sense! It was really nice to just walk around and take everything in without having a tight schedule like I had with the first half because of trying to make the most of buying the New York pass. I'm pretty sure this post will have even more photos than the last so prepare yourself! Also I think I forgot to say when I actually went haha It was the 20th - the 28th March 2016 so these posts are a long time coming sorry! I literally had over 1000 photos to sort out so that's why and now the images of a bunny made out of flowers will make sense haha.


- Taking the path train over to Hoboken New Jersey.
- Alllllll the cookies at Carlos Bakery.
- The amazing views from Pier A in Hoboken, I spent at least an hour here.
- Carlos Bakery was pretty epic and one of the sisters, Maddalena (who along with her husband are my faves on the show) was there. I have watched the show for years so it was cool to actually go there and there was a pretty big CVS and Walgreens either side- winning!
- I then hopped on the path train again to go to Newport New Jersey to visit the Newport Mall, In particular Kohls to pick up the Lorac Pro Palettes and luckily they had one of each left otherwise it would of been a 40 minute Uber ride to an Ulta haha. I thought it was funny how I found a C & A together as my twins name is Clare. I really rate the Newport Mall because every shop you could want was there and in one place.
- I went to Times Square yet again to M&M and Hersey's world to buy a souvenir for my mum and saw a police officer on a horse letting the kids stroke it, that would never happen in the UK! Obviously I did more shopping for me, the Sephora on Times Square was my favourite one and Times Square in general it is absolutely magical at night.


- Love sculpture, Sephora, Swanky department stores and Sprinkles cupcake atm! An expensive ATM but a pretty cool experience non the less.
- Dylan's candy bar which was the most amazing sweet shop I've ever seen in my life and interesting fact, It was created by the Daughter of Ralph Lauren.
- St. Patrick's Cathedral, The Rockefeller center (both of which are beautiful to look around) and a bunny made out of flowers to celebrate Easter.
- New York Public Library.
- Grand Central Station and a yummy Shake shack for Dinner which is a must, burger and shake HEAVEN.
- Chrysler Building.
-  Flat Iron Building which looks incredible in person, The Empire State building at night and some yummy doughnuts from Dough which you definitely need to try! and If you walk back towards The Empire State on 5th you pass some really cool shops.


- Chilling in Central Park, in particular the Bethesda Fountain and Boat house. The Bethesda terrace is stunning and their was a group singing acapella and with the acoustics it sounded incredible. It was such a sunny day so it was lovely to have a wander around Central Park and take everything in.
- Sitting in Herald Square about a minute from my hotel (West 35th was the street my hotel was on so I had to capture it!) enjoying my last meal *cries* which was actually really yummy so I definitely recommend potbelly sandwich shop.


Finally waking up on the plane the next day to a pretty epic sunrise up in the sky and views of London from the sky. Left is Richmond and right is Twickenham Stadium.

What I would do to be back in New York right now!! I definitely plan on going back next year but perhaps for just 4 days this time as I want to actually go inside the New York Public Library, find the Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park and the bull statue near/on Wall Street. Other than that I managed to do everything I had planned and more. I could of done more but by the end of it my feet were in so much pain from blisters on the bottom, yes the bottom?!?!, of my feet I physically couldn't walk a great distance anymore. It will be great to go back for a few days and have more of chilled less scheduled trip. I have been having a butchers and prices are around £700-£750 with my choice of hotel so I think I'll book in the new year after I've got Portugal and Iceland out of the way, hah what a jet setter!

Well bloody done if you have managed to get through all of this and if you just looked at the pictures that's okay too hah. I think my next post will be a New York drugstore haul so keep your eyes peeled! - Amy x

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