Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Kylie Cosmetics KOKO K

I finally caved, set my alarm a while back and snagged myself Koko K. I really didn't know what shade to go for so did a lot of swatch searching online and decided on Koko K because Gabriella (Velvet Ghost) reviewed it and I think my skin tone is pretty similar to hers before she tans and it looked like a super pretty shade on her so I went for it! I was a bit nervous as on some people Koko K can look really light (which is why I paid attention to the persons skin tone when I was looking at swatches so it matched mine) but it is literally my perfect nude. I normally go for darker toned nudes so I have nothing like this in my collection already which is always a good thing and it is the sort of shade where I feel completely comfortable wearing it to work ect and don't feel like it is screaming look at me I have lipstick on haha oh I'm weird.

I would say the above picture represents the shade the most accurately. I took these images outside so the light was constantly changing so that is why the shade looks different in the bottom picture, It definitely isn't that much terracotta in tone!

The lip pencil and liquid lipstick match in colour perfectly. The pencil is so creamy, comfortable and easy to use, maybe a bit too creamy as after two uses it needs to be sharpened, like now my bad haha but it really is amazingly comfortable to use and doesn't drag your lips at all.

The liquid lipstick itself is as light as a feather on, I often forget I've even got anything on and it stays put whilst eating! I am surprised by how much I love the shade, it's a beaut!

The ordering process was fine. I was getting sweaty palms having to keep refreshing and go like the wind to put it in my basket and check out haha but it was fine. Making an account prior definitely sped up the process. I think unless it is a new release it is a lot easier to order now anyways. It arrived really quickly, in a matter of days, considering it came from the US. I didn't get a customs charge, I'm guessing because it was only slightly over the £15 limit whoever checked it was feeling nice and let it go? Anyways I am not complaining! If I did have to pay customs it is usually 20% of the total cost so just bare that in mind if you plan on buying a few things.

Would I buy more? Yes. I wouldn't just buy one on it's own again because the price of shipping means it is kinda expensive for just one product ($29 plus $14.95 shipping) although I guess you get two things in the set but If I was buying a few things together I definitely would to make the most of the shipping cost.

Have you managed to try anything from Kylie Cosmetics? Would you pay that much for a product?
Talk soon - Amy x

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