Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bath & Body Works Haul

On my first visit to the states I knew there were a few shops I desperately wanted to go to and Bath & Body Works was high on the list. Finally I could get to know what all of the fuss was about! I'm sorry Yankee Candle but y'all need to move on over because there is a new love in my life. If you think Yankee candle scents are strong you ain't smelt nothing yet. I decided on getting three of the smaller candles as they were on a 3 for $12 and then I knew I wanted to get a big Georgia Peach as I had seen many reviews and thought it would be right up my street and that it was! The first smaller one I got was Watermelon Lemonade which smells divine, exactly what the name suggests and it screams summer, isn't overly sweet as it also has a fresh vibe to it. New York beautiful day is a lovely fresh and floral scent, luckily I really like the smell but lets be honest even if I didn't I would of got it anyway purely for the name and packaging, it really reminds me of walking a long the Hudson river from the Freedom tower to get the boat to Liberty Island - fond memories. Finally I got Waikiki beach coconut, which has a hint of coconut but you also get a whiff of the sea, it is an unusual scent but really nice. These give of a nice amount of scent without even being burn't.

On to the big one I got, Georgia Peach, which smells like heaven. It kicks a hell of a scent punch, much more than any of my Yankee candles and especially before even being burn't. It is a glorious sweet peach fragrance but not sugary sweet, it definitely has a kinda peach orchard outdoorsy kinda scent to it too, it's definitely not just sweet, kinda reminds me of peach lemonade too. It burns beautifully evenly and I will be so upset when it is done but the container is beautiful and can be re-purposed so swings and roundabouts! 

And finally I couldn't not get some of these when I went in, the infamous pocketbac which is kinda funny since it is just antibacterial gel but they smell so good! These were 5 for $6 and I got the holder for a $1, glittery rose gold, it had to be done. I got stress relief which is very spa like with a mix of eucalyptus and spearmint in scent, Tiki mango mai tai which has a subtle hint of mango once it dries down, Limoncello which smells amazingly fresh and zingy, I'm so pretty which is sweet with a floral edge and Champagne Sparkle which smells really sweet. I actually really like these as they don't leave a trace on my hands like some others too, they are a great size to just carry around and come in really fun fragrances.

So that is my Bath and Body Works haul. I visited the shop in the Newport Centre in New Jersey as I was over from New York for half the day to visit Carlos Bakery in Hoboken so it was just another stop across from Hoboken and was the biggest mall I have ever seen in my life, it was amazing. The staff were incredibly helpful and nice, it is nothing like shopping in the UK which is a GOOD thing haha. Until my next post... - Amy x (Honestly the Sephora/high end and drugstore hauls are coming!)

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