Saturday, 14 November 2015

Haul: Christmas Decs

So I've gone bat shit Christmas crazy since it is November (that is when the Christmas excitement starts for me haha) and have brought a lot of new decorations, whoops, so I thought I'd share some of my faves and let you in on what shops I think have the best deals. My tree in my bedroom kinda doesn't have a theme or it's theme is that it is just single baubles I really like so that's what I've got to show you below. I have also brought more general christmassy home ware which I will show you soon including the best Christmas mug I have ever owned hah. 

In terms of packs of baubles, Sainsburys sells packs of 9 for £1, they are medium in size and they are the only supermarket I've seen to sell cheap copper decorations like this, they also have the usual red, gold and silver too and other bits and bobs for only £1. Tesco do some really nice tubes of mini baubles for £1 in packs of red or gold with shiny and matte variations that I am going to use with some red and white twine to make some bauble bunting to go around my room which I will show you when I have the energy to make it as it will take me hours! They also have other decorations, including star tree toppers for only £1. My favourite shop for star tree toppers I have seen so far has been Asda though because theirs are smaller than others and because the tree in my room isn't huge the size is perfect. Oh also card factory have some really nice chalk board inspired Christmas wrapping, 3 for £1, which I really rate as it is super pretty and ridiculously cheap at the same time. 

This beautiful pink heart decoration is from the Poundland would you believe. It is larger than the picture portrays it to be, definitely a statement bauble if you will, It is glass and considering it is only £1 is cracking value.

This tear drop opalescent bauble is also from Poundland and again larger in size than it appears to be, real glass and is so pretty. I wanted one like this for a while but they are normally £3/4 each so this is a bargain.

These beaut angel wings are from Asda for only £2. These were exactly the type of thing I wanted to symbolise my cousin on my tree.

This Santa is also from Asda for only £2, compared to Tesco's similar offering priced at £3.50 this one is a good price and I love the retro vibe.

This was from Tesco and was only £1. Great value compared to what other shops charge for a nut cracker decoration and again I like the retro vibe, it reminds me of my grandma's tree and memories from some of the best Christmas' I've ever had.

Finally a typically British decoration in the form of a red telephone box from Asda for £2. I like the kitsch kinds vibe and it links in the red with the nut cracker and Santa nicely and the snow ties in with the lighter colours of the other decorations. I'll have to upload a picture of my tree once it's done as I got loads of decorations in the sales in January too ready for this Christmas. It is also a new tree that I got in the next sale for only £12 as it was a display model, it is one of those pre-lit twiggy ones with snow on, it is very pretty!

I know it is my birthday in November and I shouldn't be wishing the month away but will December hurry up already! I am already driving my room crazy as I keep bringing more and more decorations in and bargaining with her as to when we can put our main tree up haha. I've sneaked a Robin on wood with some berries and fairy lights in our conservatory already hah. I've got a Sephora haul, high end and 'low end' make up hauls coming your way soon and then eventually posts on my five days in Paris when I can bring myself to sort through all the pictures I took. I had such an amazing time their it breaks my heart even more to know the pain France must be feeling now.

I hope you all have a bright weekend and if you are working, I feel your pain! - Amy x

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