Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nyx haulin' & mini reviews

I was so happy when I saw that littlewoods had started selling NYX again and had stocked up on all the products I had seen American beauty guru's talking about! The concealer palette was definitely enabled by leighannsays!

I have lots of butter glosses from NYX from when next stocked the brand but I really wanted to try the matte lip creams. I got two shades, San Paulo which is a really pretty deep pink which a hint of coral and I also got Transylvania, a super deep blackened burgundy. They remind me a lot of the Collection creme puffs but with a much better colour collection! They are really smooth to apply, feel quite moisturising considering they are matte and apply opaque.

I also picked up the eyebrow gel in brunette. I was a bit worried about this as I thought it would make my brows look far too over done but it doesn't at all. It still makes my brows look natural but really defines their shape and this stuff doesn't budge which is a massive plus as I tend to touch my face and accidentally wipe my make-up off, DOH! I was also worried it would be too red in tone as I couldn't swatch but actually it is surprisingly cool in tone but not ridiculously so, in fact it is pretty perfect!

Next up I got the conceal, correct and contour palette in light. This is a great all rounder. It has a lighter tone for under the eyes ect, a tone perfect for spot concealing, yellow and salmon tones for correcting and two variations on contour tones depending on whether you want to go deep or subtle. The formula isn't as creamy as I would have liked but that's nothing a bit of warming up between your fingers doesn't solve. It is super opaque so amazing at covering up imperfections but doesn't feel like you've just caked yourself in make-up. This is definitely coming with me on holiday as it is three products in one! Need to save case space for shopping haha.

Lastly and my favourite of the haul is the wonder stick in light. This thing is bloody amazing. They are perfect contour colours for me and I'm pale! They are smooth and easy to apply with the lipstick like packaging and blend like a dream. This doesn't feel heavy on my skin and creates such a beautiful effect that you can build up depending on how obvious you want your contour to be. The packaging is such a revelation as you can be super precise with application, don't get any product on your hands and you don't have to hunt around for two separate products, I love this!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post again guys! Hopefully you'll stick with me, I'm trying I promise! - Amy x

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