Thursday, 4 June 2015

May favourites!

The moment has arrived! its monthly favourites time, all be it slightly later than planned but hey it's only the 4th! Seems like only yesterday I was thinking may the fourth be with you (get it), le sigh, where does the time go?

Time leads me nicely into my first favourite of the month which is my new watch. A stunning simplistic offering from DKNY with rose gold toned hardware and a white leather strap which gets filthy but I'll forgive it that. I kept dreaming of a Micheal Kors watch and then I thought actually you hate wearing chunky jewellery what makes you think you'd ever wear it so from that moment I started my quest to find my own perfect designer watch. I love how it isn't too big or too small, it feels light around my wrist, you can't see from the picture really but it has a rose gold tinted clock face which matches perfectly with the dials and surround ect and although the white leather strap is incredibly easy to get dirty it really makes the rose gold stand out and just looks classic. At £89.99 compared to a Micheal Kors I don't think its a bad price either. link.

You can clearly tell I love my watch, all that rambling though! On to the next fave which is a combined favourite really. Its the Makeup revolution the one foundation in shade 1 which is the white one mixed with the estée lauder double wear foundation. Basically I was in a rush and I picked up a shade that was slightly too dark for me 'cause I thought it was the lightest one and it wasn't yada yada and the formula is also really heavy but I like how it looks. Anyways I got a little bottle, mixed the two together and I basically have my dream foundation in colour and formula. The coverage is amazing, it is light weight as the MUR foundation has a water like consistency which makes the double wear less thick and the colour is spot on, one very happy Amy indeed.

Next up is the Illamasqua gel sculpt in silhouette which I've already raved about here so you can check that post out for a full review but basically I have been using it every time I put makeup on, even when I am in a rush, it is just so easy and fool proof to use.

I have fallen back in love with my L'Oréal la palette nude rose all over again. It is what I have been reaching for most days over everything else. My fave combo is the shade 5th in from the left all over the lid which is a taupey bronze shade with a hint of purple and second in from the right as a transition shade and to blend it all out and into the crease which is a coppery taupey shade with a kinda dusty rose vibe. I am so rubbish at describing shades but hopefully you get what I mean!

Onto things that aren't pictured. I got a Netflix trial and so far I have been loving it, especially reliving my youth and watching the film Madeleine which is basically about a boarding school that is being sold and how the girls try to stop it, along with Madeleine who is an orphan, the main characters many adventures, but there are lots of other stories intertwined, it really is a heart warming film.

Another favourite is the fact I have two holidays booked to my two dream destinations. I am going to Paris in October and New York in March. I am so bloody excited although they are ages away it gives me plenty of time to save up spending money and pay them both off with out getting stressed as New York is not cheap but I decided whilst I am happy in my job why not travel to the two places I have always dreamed of going before I really have to settle properly in a job and start saving up for a mortgage. I have now become obsessed with travel mini's and there is still a long time to go haha.

My last favourite is my clothing rack. I got rid of my chest of drawers and got a clothing rack instead and I'm so glad I did. It doesn't impose on my small room, I can actually see all the clothes I have so don't forget what I've got and it is just really nice being able to hang my clothes up instead of having to cram them into drawers.

I've been a bit of a debbie downer about my blog lately, kinda thinking whats the point when really it is only a hobby for me, I need to stop wasting time and get my head out of the clouds ect but I've decided you know what, I love writing, other peoples hobbies take up time, mine just happens to involve being comfy in my bed writing about beauty products. I also love taking pictures, I mean I have completed a photography degree and although I may have no bloody clue about what career path I want to go down at least I am still involved in taking photographs and sharing them all be it in quite a different style and way than I did at Uni as I am generally into landscapes and used to see taking blog pictures as something that was just whatever but you still need to set up the shot, get the lighting right ect and that is something I still enjoy doing. ohhhhhhhhkay quite the rambling post today! Basically I'm gunna stop being a debbie downer, stop feeling rubbish for not posting all the time and just do me!

Leave me links to your favourites posts if you have done one 'cause they are my favourites ;) to read! Also do your cheesiest grin and if you weren't truly smiling before you will be now at how silly you are and how silly you probably look! - Amy x

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