Friday, 8 May 2015

The blush addict tag

I saw this tag on NicolaHearts blog and as I am a bit of a blush fiend I had to do it too even though I haven't been tagged, what a rebel hey hah, so on with the questions!

What colour blush suits you most?
I would say a peachy pink suits me most as I think pink just makes me look like I am too hot where as a peachy pink actually looks like a blush on me!

Pressed, cream or loose blush?
My fave is definitely pressed as it is easy to work with and less messy.

Favourite shimmery blush?
Nars orgasm 'cause it is a beaut of a shade and isn't too shimmery.

Favourite matte blush?
Tarte exposed 'cause it literally goes with anything.

Favourite cream blush?
Probably stila convertible colours in particular tulip cause it is a super pretty rosey red. I also really rate topshop cream blush, in particular the shade head over heels cause it is a lovely coral learning more towards orange shade.

Favourite drugstore blush?
Sleek have some amazinggg blushes, I have quite a few! I would probably go for sleeks rose gold as it is a good dupe for Nars orgasm. I also love the newish maxfactor creme puff blushes, so pretty!

Favourite high end blush?
This is a tough one but I think I'm gunna have to go for Tarte's fearless because it is the most perfect peachy pink shade and really gives my face some life.

Biggest blush disappointment?
I would have to say the Hourglass ambient lighting blush in ethereal light 'cause mine didn't have much colour swirled in so it is just a super light pink that doesn't really show up but the formula is still lovely and I do still use it as a subtle highlight.

Best blush packaging?
100% my YSL Palette Parisian Nite radiant blush. It is gold with a pink ysl logo heart and pattern underneath the heart on the front and the cardboard packaging is a shiny gold. The blush itself has a heart of the lightest shade with the surrounding housing the darker shade, it looks stunning. You can see it here.

What's on your blush wishlist?
I would love to try another hourglass blush but I would definitely buy in store this time! I would also like to try one from bobbi brown, chanel and some mac cream blushes.

Holy Grail blush?
It has to be Tarte exposed because it is so versatile, If I had to use one blush for the rest of my life it would be that.

Pretty good questions If you are blush obsessed like me! I tag errrrrbody, leave me links so I can have a read If you do it or have done it.I'm in an excitable mood 'cause I am dreaming about my trip to Paris in October and all the lovely makeup I'm saving up to buy. Sephora I'm coming for ya! - Amy x

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Laura M said...

That YSL packaging really is gorgeous!!

She Likes to Shop

Christy Murray said...

Lovely post! I'm not too into blush, I generally just go without, unless I look completely dead. I'm more of a bronzer gal myself.

Amy Tibble said...

I need to experiment more with bronzer, I like a subtle contour but I've never got the hang of how to apply bronzer properly! x

Amy Tibble said...

Definitely a product to display :)