Thursday, 14 May 2015

The blogger made me buy it

I was looking through my stash the other day and I realised that a lot of things I have, I have brought from blogger recommendations so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

Vivianna does makeup can take credit for the Burberry eye shadow, although the shade she loves is called pale barley, I have midnight brown as I found it in TK MAXX for only £12.99. The pigmentation is amazing, it is a one shadow wonder as it looks amazing applied and then just blended upwards to create a simple smokey eye and it's Burberry, need I say more. Anna can also take credit for the Chanel Vitalumiére aqua foundation as she would always talk about it in videos and her skin looked amazing. It definitely holds a special place in my heart as I got it for/wore it for my graduation day. Amazing formula, lasts all day and makes my skin look lovely and not over done.

Kate from Gh0stparties can take credit for the Stila one step correct. Again her skin looked amazing in videos after she'd used this for tutorials and I'm always on the look out for something to tone down my red cheeks and this feels lovely and works a treat.

I have brought many things from the recommendation of this next culprit, Estée from Essie Button, they call it the #essiebuttoneffect aha. Things I haven't pictured include Soap and Glory One heck of a blot, The body shop colour crush lipsticks and their honey bronzer to name a few. Estée's makeup always looks on point and she has very similar colouring and skin concerns to my own so is the perfect blogger for me to get beauty advice/recommendations from. Pictured I have my most recent purchase in the form of Revlon's gel envy polish in up the ante. It is such a gorgeous purple that really stands out and has a little summin' summin' going on and I love the formula. Also pictured and my favourite product I've learn't about from the blogging world period is the Tarte amazonian powder foundation. I would never of tried this had I not seen it in action. I had never used powder foundations before because I didn't think they would provide enough coverage or stay around on my face but this is different and I literally use this one every. single. day. Well I have recently got Nars sheer glow and fallen inlove and do use that sometimes but Tarte is still number one. I've confessed my love for this foundation on many occasions but it seriously is so good. It has the coverage of a liquid foundation, is so easy to apply and the packaging is pretty sweet too.

Have you brought anything because of a review from a blogger? Have any products disappointed or have you always loved them? - Amy x

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Sophie L Farrell said...

I am the worst for buying things based on blog reviews! I recently bought the Revlon colour stay top coat because of Zoe London!

Abby & Kayleigh said...

It's so odd because often you see products you have reviewed but someone else is saying the complete opposite! It's so hard because products are so different for different people!

A&K //

Amy Tibble said...

I guess that is why you've kinda gotta think about whether the person has the same sorta skin type and taste as you. As much as I love Amelia Liana and Beauty crush reviews the products probably wouldn't suit me.

Cloey said...

I'm desperate to try stilas one step correct! How did you find it deal with redness? I used to use boots No7 anti red primer but after a while it seemed to set weird on my skin. The idea of it reminds of of the bourjois multi tonal foundation that i really got on with.

Cloey x