Saturday, 9 May 2015

Dear Rachael

My cousin Rachael, Twin-sister Clare and I

Dear Rachael,

Seven years since the day we lost you and sometimes it still hits me like a ton of bricks as if it has only just happened all over again. You were such a positive influence on me and still remain so. You taught me that it's okay to be myself, even through my emo phase which may I add was completely inspired by you as I really looked up to you but mum was very happy when it ended! I still remember you in your bell bottom trousers soaked through 'cause they used to drag on the floor and your love of Marilyn Mason until like me you grew out of it, kinda! You taught me that it doesn't matter what other people think as long as I'm happy. You taught me that if you work hard you can achieve your potential as did Becca and she still does and I know you will be extremely proud of her and I hope me too. You taught me to strive to be adventurous and reminded me of how bloody precious every second on this earth is and that when I'm feeling down, I'm still alive so I should live. You taught me the greatest hair tip I've ever heard, to save me from washing my hair everyday, just wash my fringe everyday instead so it still looks fresh, genius women! Whenever I've had a proper fringe you better believe I've done that ever since although now they have brought out some amazing dry shampoos, you'd be impressed. I would give anything just to have you back in our lives, to see little Jacob, to of been at all the important moments since you've passed and to of got royally drunk with you and co down the gig house and to of danced to cheesy music in spin bar, wham wake me up before you go go please. As each year passes I miss you more, the longing to see you again never diminishes, I guess I just find ways to deal with the missing piece in my heart. Whenever I see a super bright star, I think of you. Whenever I'm having a tough time, I think what would you do. Whenever I achieve something, I wish you were here to celebrate. If I end up touching even 1% of the people you had a positive impact on in your life I will consider my life a success. I know you will be up there partying to wham with a glass of pino in hand. I miss you, I will always miss you and I am so grateful to of had such a beautiful human in my life at all. You were taken far too soon and I will never understand why but I will never forget the lessons and inspiration you gave me whilst you were here. The sun came out for you today.

16.01.1984 - 09.05.2008

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Beautylyme said...

Beautiful words. Sorry for your loss xx

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you x