Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March faves

We are a 1/4 of a way through the year already, how exactly did that happen?! Still April will hopefully bring with it more blue skies, pretty blooms and an over-all more positive atmosphere. It has been a crafty month for me which is lovely as it really feeds my soul! Not so good on the health and fitness front mind but I'll get there! Anyway on with the faves!

The Barry M chisel cheeks contour kit is a game changer. It is such a fool proof way of doing it, it even comes with diagrams! This is a powder kit and I find the powders to be super soft, buttery, long lasting and the perfect shades.

My next favourite links in with the first and that is the Real Techniques 301 contour brush. This is the PERFECT contour brush. Perfect shape, perfect density, perfect size, perfect weighted handle, looks absolutely stunning, is ridiculously soft and as you can tell is perfect haha. Seriously though I was put off for a while because of the price but I am in love with this brush and it is a firm staple in my beauty tool arsenal.

The L'Oréal studio line hot and straight heat protection spray has been a firm fave for a couple of years now. I never wash my hair without it as my hair is so thick I have to blow dry it every time. This has kept my hair in good nick and definitely helps to keep the frizz at bay. I thought I'd feature this fab product as I brought a new one this month as I had run out and had to repurchase asap.

I have included a sample of my next favourite and that is spray painting/upcycling stuff for example I have jazzed up a lot of glass jars to hold my makeup brushes. The background of the image is the top of a bar cart I brought from a charity shop and upcycled with marble sticky back plastic and copper spray paint (I use the spray paint outside!). It is such an easy thing to do and makes a big difference. I have even spray painted a wall gold in my room which I bloody love even though I wouldn't recommend it as it really stinks and is dangerous if you breathe it in and as you are doing it in a room it kinda just sits in the air for a while but metallic paint? go for it.

Primark homeware is something I have really been enjoying this month from super cute pineapple candles to flamingo duvet sets, the tropical theme is on point.

I have been loving Masterchef being back on tv as it is one of my favourite programs. Greg is such a legend. I love any show that is food related to be fair, come dine with me, dinner date, saturday kitchen, four in a bed, all the good stuff hah.

Finally and definitely my most loved favourite of the month is my new small double bed, basically it is 4ft wide instead of 4ft 6 inches in case you didn't know the difference. I love having so much more room. I am sleeping loads better and it has given me a big excuse to make the most of primarks cute duvet sets. It was a bugger getting it up the stairs though but I did it!

Sorry I have been a bit slack with the blog posts. I have loads of pictures waiting to be written about and loads of ideas just not enough time as I am taking on a lot of extra hours at work but I'm trying to balance it out so bare with me! What have been your favourites for the month of march? Leave me a link if you have written about your march favourites and if you haven't let me know in the comments what you have been loving, I might end up loving it too! Expect a mass of hauls coming your way soon, it was payday last week after all and if you have been reading for a while you know this is a monthly occurrence! - Amy x

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Alisha Shaw said...

I really want the real techniques contour brush and want it even more now after reading this post!! Sounds amazing!

Alisha xx

Beautylyme said...

That contour brush sounds like it is definitely worth the price! I had been hesitating, but might go ahead & get it now! Here are my March faves: xx

Amy Tibble said...

Go for it ladies it is amazing x