Sunday, 15 March 2015

These came out of nowhere?! - Bourjois rouge edition aqua laque

I was just browsing littlewoods for pillows ect as I had just brought a new bigger bed, minding my own business when I accidentally landed on the beauty page. I thought it would be rude not to have a look at what was new in and to my surprise I saw a new range from Bourjois I had heard absolutely nothing about! The Rouge edition aqua laque's, basically lipgloss to you and I. I decided I had to try one and picked the shade Rosé on the rocks. After a quick google search I have found out these are also available on feel unique but in terms of reviews, other than ones in french, I haven't really found out anything about them. 

I absolutely love the rouge edition velvets so was excited to try this. If you have tried the Nyx butter glosses it is exactly like that. Creamy and smooth in texture, completely non stick and a nice coating of colour, not completely opaque but not completely sheer either, a nice in between. The formula feels nicely hydrating and it doesn't stick to any dry patches that I may have. It isn't overly glossy, it just adds a nice sheen, again much like the Nyx butter glosses.

The packaging is pretty with it's mirror effect top in the corresponding colour to the product. I also like that the packaging is clear so you can actually see the colour of the gloss properly, this is helpful when picking out a shade and for storage.

I really am very impressed, so much so I definitely want more but seven more beautiful colours in the range it is going to be hard to decide. Rosé on the rocks is a beautiful, we all know what's coming, your lips but better shade. It is almost identical to my natural lips but more pink so adds a nice girly touch to my make-up look and it means I can pretty much wear it with any eye look.

Wear time isn't amazing, without food I would say 2 - 3 hours, with food not a chance but it is a no fuss application, you don't need a lip liner with this shade and it doesn't fade weirdly so it really is no bother when it fades and you can't be bothered to re apply, it won't look dodgy is what I'm tryna say!

I can't wait to add to my collection. This the perfect light weight non sticky formula with a nice sheen for spring/summer and the colour selection is on point too with pretty pinks, a coral and a red. Will you be giving these a try? - Amy x

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Grub & Beauty Montreal said...

Wow these sound pretty good! Thanks for the post

Tiffany Rawling said...

will definitely keep an eye out, lovely colour! x

Leanne Webber said...

How random!
Need to check these out.
Leanne xx

Manisha Anwari2 said...

I have never heard of this brand :O well you learn something new everyday. I was hoping for a swatch though to see how rich or how the product is. how much does It cost? xx

Maiko Sharp said...

The look amazing. I have never been one to try bourjois products but looking at these I guess now it the time