Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mothers Day gift guide

This post is a bit late going up so my apologies but in case you aren't sorted for mother's day, this might give you some tips for the perfect gift!

I'll start by sharing what I actually picked to get my own mum! That is us on my graduation day in the picture above and probably my most favourite picture of my mum 'cause she just looks so proud of me and it warms my heart every time I see it. Anyway back to what I have gotten her. It is basically a basket of a few of her favourite/most used things. For my mum that is her favourite shampoo as my dad keeps bloody using hers! A selection of her favourite sweets, a pretty note pad and pen as she is always writing some sort of note and in the left a nice bottle of prosecco so she can enjoy a nice night in when everyone has gone to bed which is something she enjoys doing to get some peace and quite haha. This kind of thing would be perfect for any budget and can be super personalised for your mum/guardian. Sure shampoo might not be the most exciting thing but  I know my mum will be grateful for a couple more bottles to stock up from my dad pinching it all! In case you are wondering don't worry my mum doesn't read my blog, she isn't very tech friendly!

I spoke to my mum about some of the things she thinks would make a good mother's day present and she said:
- Hand-made cards as it is thoughtful and cheap
- Flowers
- Chocolates
- Collage of family photos

Basically these are all pretty cheap but thoughtful options as you can tailor it to your mums favourite flowers or favourite chocolates ect. As you can tell my mum is all about me not spending too much money and I would of spent more but it is her birthday today so she gets two days of presents in the space of a week and I am taking her to Bills for breakfast which I am pretty excited for because YUM.

Other ideas I had are:
- Smoothie maker because my mum always takes an interest in mine and a half decent one is about £20. I have the Breville blend active and I really like it, get it here.
- Restaurant/spa vouchers so she can treat herself in her own time
- Perfume because it is always nice to receive perfume
- A collection of your favourite makeup bits that you think your mum will love
- chore or 'taxi' tokens for things like cleaning her car or taking and picking her up from an evening out
- Take her out for lunch/dinner
- Candle, magazines and a face mask so she is all set for some 'me' time

I'm really looking forward to Mother's Day as all my family is going out for a nice meal and I get to see my ickle cousin, he is so cute! What are your plans for Mother's Day? Is it even something you celebrate?

To all those that will be without their mum on Mother's Day, my heart goes out to you and it definitely makes me realise how lucky I am just thinking about it - Amy x

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