Thursday, 12 March 2015

D.I.Y: Copper, marble & gold.

I have been OBSESSED with spray painting and covering various things in marble recently. I did this post here about my copper sprayed glass jars but it has kinda spiraled into spray painting even more glass jars, spray painting a wall gold in my room and covering multiple surfaces in marble and even buying a bar cart from a charity shop to upcycle with yet more copper and marble! I thought I would share everything I have customised and where I got the things I used as it was super cheap.

Everything came from wilkos. The gold spray paint was a large 400ml can and it was on sale for only £2. The copper was also from wilkos but from a different brand and was also on offer for £2 but is only 100ml. The lavender colour spray paint (bottom of cotton bud jar) again is from wilkos and was on offer for a measly £1 and is also 100ml. The marble sticky back plastic came in two widths and I got the smaller of the two and they were £4 per roll, the wider being £5. I got more of a grey shaded one and one with more of a warmer golden vibe to it. It makes SO much difference to something that would otherwise look kinda boring.

Top left: Freshly sprayed jars using sellotape to mark the lines.
Top Middle: The jars being used and as you can see I used lavender spray paint for the jar with cotton buds in and have covered yet more glass jars in the colour but that is the only one I have a picture of for some reason.
Top right: My gold wall in all it's glory.
Middle left: My pimped up bar cart using marble sticky back plastic and copper spray paint.
Middle middle: I decided to add some marble to the top of the bar cart making it 2/3 marble and 1/3 copper to make the surface more durable.
Middle right: I have covered some card board in marble to use as a background for blog photos.
Bottom left: I covered my dressing table top in marble.
Bottom middle: A closer look at my dressing table covered in marble sticky back plastic.
Bottom right: Finally just today I covered my chest of draws in marble to jazz it up a bit.

I have kinda run out of things to spray paint or cover now but it was fun whilst it lasted! I also spray painted a canvas that was black and white with 3D lettering in the lavender which I forgot to photograph but it looks lush against the gold wall. You can just about see it in the image of my gold wall before it was covered, it is the little canvas that says laugh but the image has cut out the word often, that it was is now spray painted lavender.

Would you ever think about dabbling in some D.I.Y/upcyling projects? - Amy x

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Maiko Sharp said...

I love the diy of the candle jars, it really does give them something extra special

Rhianna Bailey said...

I have never thought of doing this at home but after seeing this I am definitely giving it some thought! Loving coppery colours at the minute! xx

Alex Craggs said...

I am obsessed with copper at the moment! Love this post xx