Thursday, 5 February 2015

TOP 5: On a bad day there is always lipstick

I wanted to share my top 5 high end lipsticks because If I had to pick my most treasured collection out of all the high end stuff I have it would hands down be my lipsticks and I have some pretty nice blushers and eye shadow palettes that make strong contenders ya know.

There is just something about lipstick for me. If I'm feeling low I will put a bright colour on, even if I fully intend on staying in my room, and it just makes me feel a bit brighter. Even if I have no makeup on and I just put some lipstick on, I some how still feel 'ready.' I'm pretty sure my first high end purchase was a mac lipstick and at the time they were £15.00 and that was extremely expensive to me and to be honest £15.00 still is and they have gone up! but it was so worth it and now I will spend crazy amounts, my mum doesn't even ask how much things cost any more haha.

Okay on to my actual picks!

Benefits benebalm. This is a recent addition but It is what I more often than not reach for when I go to work for something just to add a bit of colour but feel nourishing at the same time. I also love lollibalm for this purpose too.

Melt cosmetics belladonna 2. I didn't think anything could over take my love of mac's ruby woo but this lipstick does 100 times over. It is the most amazing red with a pinky tone to it. It is ultra matte but doesn't feel ridiculously drying, you can apply it easily from the bullet and it is the most intense vibrant red I have ever seen. It just looks stunning and I think it is a colour that would work for everyone.

YSL rouge volupté shine 8 pink in confidence. I have mentioned this countless of times, If I had to pick one favourite this would probably be it. It is just the perfect my lips but better shade for me and has a bit of shimmer which makes my lips appear bigger but isn't obvious tacky shimmer, it is perfect. It has a smooth formula, doesn't pick up dry patches if your lips are in a bit of a state and even though it is the shine variety it still has good pigmentation. This lipstick holds a special place in my heart because I wore it for my graduation so I think it will always be my favourite to be honest.

Nars velvet matte lip pencil in iberico. So this shade is limited edition so let me apologise about that now but apparently nars red square is very similar just a bit redder. This is the most perfect orange I have found. I never thought orange lipstick suited me and made me look a bit washed out but this one is the perfect shade and some how adds warmth to my complexion. The velvet matte formula is dreamy, it isn't drying, feels super light like you have nothing on and lasts a bloody long time. It is exactly the sort of colour that lifts my mood.

Mac mehr. Aside from ruby woo which has now been over taken, mehr is my favourite mac shade, I mean I have shades like pure heroine and up the amp which are absolutely beautiful but mehr is the kind of shade that I get so much wear out of and is my perfect nude, has my favourite formula and is an all round winner. Mehr is a matte shade it is incredibly similar to pantone's colour of the year but slightly lighter with more of a dusty pink tint. I love the mac matte finishes. I love mattes full stop to be honest but the mac mattes are great because they aren't drying, don't pull on my lips and last really well.

So there you have it my top 5 highend lipsticks. I wish I didn't have such expensive taste haha. I have tried to link as best as possible to previous posts about the lipsticks or ones that at least have swatches for you to see so just click on the bold titles of the lipsticks if you want more of a review and/or swatch. I know I said I was doing a skincare series but I really wanted to do this post so look out for my skincare on the blog over the weekend. How many times can I say perfect in one post hah?! What is your favourite lip product ever? - Amy x

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Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Great post! :)
I love YSL and Benefit lipsticks!

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you :) x

Nicole Baxter said...

That velvet matte lip pencil is beautiful, I don't think I've seen anyone mention that shade before!
Coleoftheball xx