Sunday, 1 February 2015

Skincare: my cleansers and toners

Well hello February! It has to be said I'm not the most loyal when it comes to skincare but there are some products I couldn't be without and some I do switch up depending on what issues my skin may be having. I thought I'd do a little skincare series taking you through my cleansers, toners, serums, eye creams, masks and extras. As you can tell by the title today is all about cleansers and toners. A lot of people see toners as unnecessary but personally I love them as they really refresh my face!

For cleansers I have quite a few. I usually use the garnier micellar water all over which is just all round amazing stuff and doesn't hurt my eyes one bit and then depending on my face I will either use the blackhead clearing cleanser to help with spots as it is really good at drying them out or the bloré deep pore charcoal cleanser if my face is feeling bogged down as it is lovely and purifying. The liz earle cleanse and polish is a recent favourite I can just use on its own and it is amazinggggg. I have two travel sized versions but next payday I definitely want to invest in the full size but as you can see I have my fair share of cleansers already so we shall see.

Onto a naughty admission. I do in fact use cleansing wipes and I do tend to use them everyday as I am lazy in the morning so just give my face a quick wipe, tone and moisturise. If I'm feeling lazy at night I will use them then as well as an initial cleanse, what can I say, they are just really handy and the boots essentials blue cleansing wipes are my fave as they are really wet so don't drag on my face. It has to be said I have tried a lot of cleansing wipes and #sorrynotsorry. My favourite toner/exfoliator is hands down the pixi glow tonic, my face loves this stuff! It has been combating my dry cheeks like a friggin' dream and I just like the colour of it to be honest, it reminds me of irn bru aha. My second favourite toner is the botanics rosewater toning spritz. This stuff is so refreshing and is an absolute god send in the summer, It's just a great product I've continued to repurchase.

So there you have it my cleansers and toners. I have a few more samples or specific eye makeup cleansers about but these are the things that get used all the time as I don't really find the need for a specific eye makeup remover on a regular basis. What are your favourite cleansing and toning products? What should I be trying next? - Amy x

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Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Great products! :)
I love the Garner Micellar Water!! It's amazing!

Nikoleta, xoxo.

PWhiley94 said...

I love the Garner Micealler Water, it makes my skin feel super smooth and soft.


Afrodite said...

I was thinking about to buy the Clean and Clear one but i wasn't sure if it will work....but now that you say that it's good there is no reasons to say no ^_^


Amy Tibble said...

I really like how you can feel it working, it is quite tingly but in a nice way x

Amy Tibble said...

Me too, hard to believe something so cheap is so good, especially when it is on a deal! x

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you! The garnier micellar always gets a lot of love and for good reason! x