Saturday, 28 February 2015

February favourites

I know everyone will say this but where the bloody hell has February gone. It felt like it has just flown by! I have been loving quite a few things this month but I managed to whittle it down as a lot of the things I have been loving I've only just brought but these have been firm favourites for the whole month.

1. Benefit roller lash. It is as good as people say. I much prefer it to they're real as it is easier to get off and it just makes my lashes look amazing.

2. Feint eye shadow from the Illamasqua Aura Palette bottom middle. It is the perfect crease shade and is a really pretty mix between red and brown. It also has great pigmentation and saying power.

3. Essence waterproof eyeliner. This has been an essential this month as I had a stye and after that had cleared up I had a rather unsightly gap in my eyelashes so I have been using this just to dot in the gap so it kinda looks like I have eye lashes there if you get what I mean. Anyway it has been making me feel much less self conscious about it. My lashes are growing back nicely though!

4. Tisserand head clear aromatherapy roller ball. This stuff smells amazing and for me feels really calming. I like to use it before bed or when I feel a headache coming on because it just seems to take the edge off. I think it is a combination of the smell and the act of rolling it over your temples/pressure points.

5. This is a joint one. The Real techniques retractable bronzer brush with the Body Shop honey bronzer. I am a super pale gal but I used to find trying to bronze my face up really difficult because it just looked too heavy and unnatural where as with the lighest honey bronzer and the super soft and fluffy retractable brush it goes on like a dream, looks really natural and just gives my face a bit of warmth. It has become an everyday staple in my makeup routine now!

6. The comic relief great british bake off has been absolutely hilarious and I have also been loving couples come dine with me because the narrator just cracks me up.

What have your favourites been this month? - Amy x

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Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Such an amazing product is that mascara! Love this post!

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Lauren F said...

Is the body shop honey bronzer really dark? I have fair skin and a lot of bronzers look far too dark for my skin tone.

Beautylyme said...

Love the sound of that Tisserand product - will have to check it out myself!

Jasmine Harding said...

Benefit Roller Lash is a new firm favourite of mine- one of the best mascaras! Makes my lashes so curly! Love the sound of the honey bronzer!

Jasmine |

Maiko Sharp said...

Benefit roller lash seems to be the product of the year I have only hear good reviews about this little guy

Own and Become said...

No, it's not super dark, I have really fair skin too and I think it's the perfect shade!

Own and Become said...

I can't even tell you how much I love the body shop bronzer! And I agree, it looks so natural.
Here's my Feb favourites if you want to take a look? :)

Amy Tibble said...

not dark at all. It comes in 4 shades I believe and I have the lightest and it is perfect

Amy Tibble said...

Will definitely have a nosey :) x

Amy Tibble said...

Such a smart move of benefit to make the sample available in elle, I will definitely be buying the full size when it runs out! x

Amy Tibble said...

They do quite a big range so for any issue you may have their is probably one to match. I also have the travel and study ones and they are also lovely to use x