Thursday, 29 January 2015

Updated makeup and skincare collection/storage

I can't believe the last time I did one of these was in October 2013, I honestly thought I did one more recently than that but obviously not! As you can probably guess it is A LOT different now and I am so happy with how everything is stored and how it all looks but it hasn't cost me a ridiculous amount of money for storage.

My desk and white drawers are from ikea. The desk is from the vittsjo range and was only £30!! The drawers are called helmer and are only £25 each and are the perfect size for storing makeup and skincare. The helmer also comes in silver and red and is on castors so is easy to move around. I also use clear acrylic storage I've gotten from various places including rymans, amazon, ebay and homesense. This mainly houses my high end stuff but I also have some high street eyebrow products, nyx butter glosses and a maybelline concealer in there too. To the left I have an ikea plant pot with hair care stuff I use pretty much every day so this includes a heat protection spray and dry shampoo ect. I also have an ikea plant pot full of bath bombs and then some ikea candle plates with my favourite/most used skincare and deodorant to the right. The little container at the front holds products I use everyday like the tarte foundation, products I want to use next or my current nail colour.

On top of my helmers I keep my high end palettes which include too faced, urban decay, nars, illamasqua and thebalm. Again in the little tray I have products I use everyday or I want to use next so I have the tarte amazonian clay powder foundation which is my go to but I also have the new maybelline foundation I want to try next, my current nail colour which happens to be ysl rouge dada and nails inc belgrave square, my molecule 01 perfume, a clinique anti redness powder, chanel vitalumiére aqua foundation, a new maybelline colour tattoo, avon sleep balm and a mini benefit roller lash mascara.

This houses all of my highstreet eyeshadow palettes from brands such as bourjois, mua, makeup revolution, l'oréal, collection, sleek, revlon, barry m and maybelline. My favourites include the little mix collection palette, l'oréal la palette nude and the makeup revolution iconic 1.

Underneath I have all of my perfumes stored in a white plastic basket/on top of a cardboard file that has all my boring paperwork in. I have quite a few as I used to work at boots but this way I can see them all. My current fave is D&G 3.

As explained I have hair stuff and bath bombs, deodorant and most used skincare/stuff I really like which includes the pixi glow tonic, it is a huge favourite of mine.

Here I  have eye brushes in a used up small yankee jar, eye lash curlers, smashbox glosses, ysl stain and a rouge volupté and a rouge volupté shine, benebalms, mac lipsticks and a random sleek lip liner. I also have a ysl touche éclat in 1.5. They look kinda dusty, awkward!

Here are the rest of my brushes which all need a clean, may bad. I also have some beauty sponges, a lip balms, mini ysl rouge pur couture, mini nars lip pencils, a melt lipstick, an illamasqua lipstick and mini clinique chubby sticks. There are also a couple of small laura mercier foundation primers.

Top acrylic drawers from left to right house high end mascaras, tarte blushes and stila convertible colours, anatasia brow wiz and the soap and glory dupe, stila one step corrrect, urban decay setting spray and some bobbi brown foundation.

Second acrylic drawers from left to right house mac blushes, a daniel sandler blush, an hourglass ambient lighting blush, a mini benefit coralista blush, high end eyeliners, burberry eye shadow, rituals eye shadow, a maybelline concealer and some high street brow stuff.

Bottom acrylic drawers from left to right hold an urban decay naked flushed palette, thebalm mary-lou-manizer, ysl limited edition blush palette, murad primer, benefit porefessionals, benefit high beam, two mac eye shadows in cranberry and sketch and mini benefit stuff. About two years ago I maybe had one or two high end products so I have quite the collection now but it also symbolises how much I've worked to be able to buy it all yano. Some people love clothes, some people like to save for a rainy day and I unfortunately for my bank balance love to buy makeup!

Now onto the helmers. This is the top drawer of the right unit, the left side just has some note pads, tablets in ect. This houses all my drugstore foundations, cc creams, bb creams, correctors and concealers. Faves are the bourjois healthy mix serum foundation, maybelline fit me concealer, nyx hd concealers and soap and glory kick ass.

On the left I have my most used skincare which includes eye creams, masks, cleansers, serums, an oil amongst other things. My faves are hydraluron, origins ginzing moisturiser, hydraluron moisture jelly and the sanctuary thermal mask. On the right I have all of my high street primers, some mini benefit porefessionals, setting powders/powder, gel, liquid and felt tip eyeliners, nyx setting sprays as well as all my high street mascaras. My faves are the maxfactor masterpiece max mascara, bourjois mega liner, soap and glory one heck of a blot powder and the garnier 5 second blur.

On the left houses all my other haircare stuff and accessories so I have texturising sprays, dry shampoo, split end stuff ect as well as tangle teezers, #daclip haha and various clips and hair bands. On the right is my highstreet blush, bronzer and highlighter drawer. I have sleek palettes, sleek singles, ones from I heart makeup, barbara daly, bourjois, topshop, maybelline, kiko, seventeen, george asda, the body shop, l'oréal, mua and No7. It also houses all my highstreet lip crayons from barry m, revlon, kiko, nyx, No7, rimmel and more. My faves are the bourjois bronzers, the body shop honey bronzer, I heart makeup blush hearts, kiko blush and bronzer and the revlon lip crayons.

On the left is a bit of a random extra skincare drawer with a mini opi nail set including nail envy. On the right I have all my high street cream eyeshadows, as you can see I love me some maybelline colour tattoos. I also some some eye shadow singles from barbara daly, kiko, autograph ect. I also have my long wear eye shadow sticks and liquid eye stuff. There are also some brow products in there, a few glitter eyeliners and high street pencil eyeliners. There is also a pack of eyeko eye makeup remover wipes. My favourites have to be the maybelline colour tattoos, barbara daly shadow sticks and collection glitter eyeliners as they are super packed with glitter.

On the left I have a makeup bag full of packs of/one use face masks, nail varnish remover, dr bronner soap, muslin cloth, superdrug brightening hot cloth cleanser and extra nail varnishes that don't fit on my wall. On the right I have all my highstreet lipsticks, liners, balms, scrubs, lipglosses and liquid lipsticks. My favourites are the models own luxe and hyper gel polishes, rimmel provocalips, lush scrub, tanya burr glosses, l'oréal collection privée and bourjois rouge velvet liquid lipsticks.

On the left I have some bath/shower products and empty makeup bags. On the right I have my real techniques brushes cases and lots of makeup and skincare samples from various beauty boxes, my you beauty advent calendar, little sample sets and magazine freebies. All the white containers are from ikea and the red/clear ones came in sets from wilkos.

Above and below is a snippet of how I store my nail varnish. I basically cut bits of wood, stuck them to my wall with no more nails and painted them, pretty simple. I did write a tutorial for it here July 2013, quite the vintage post! There are six little shelves full on the right and five on the left. I just think it makes for a really nice piece of decoration for my room and it is practical too! It also really stands out against my white walls.

My favourite brands include essie, models own, barry m and nails inc. I don't really have a favourite shade, it just kinda depends on the season and what mood I'm in so I have a mixture of everything really.

This isn't really beauty/makeup related but on top of my chest of drawers for my clothes I keep little trinkets, jewellery, my newest perfume (ysl opium) and candles I'm currently using. I house all my other candle stuff in a tower of little white wicker drawers that is next to this unit and things like christmas candles that aren't in season anymore are under my bed. It's a nice space to safely have candles burning and I think it just looks pretty! This is also normally where the makeup I've used that day ends up sitting until I can be bothered to put it away properly in the evening haha.

If you have reached the end well done! 19 images is quite the total, I know I'm exhausted having written about it all haha. It goes without saying I'm in no way bragging about what I have, I have brought all of this or been given it as presents from family/friends so for the most part I've worked my little butt off to buy it! I don't really buy much else as beauty is a huge hobby of mine and I'm not really into clothes so much so hence why I have so much! This is obviously way more than I will ever likely use but like I said it is more of a hobby and I love experimenting with different looks and just applying makeup. My mum just has a powder and a foundation and that is completely fine 'cause that is what works for her yano, each to their own, you in no way need all of this stuff and neither do I, I just want it haha. I'm nosey and I enjoy these kinda posts or videos on youtube so hopefully you have too! If you have written about your makeup collection leave me a link so I can have a nosey :) - Amy x

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daisy walters said...

I need a lot more room for all my makeup! It's stored so messy at the moment. I'm thinking I might get a nice desk at my boyfriends house to move it all there haha.
x x | daisydaisyxxo

Kirsty x said...

Oh my word girl... You have an enormous stash!! I love how you have it all stored. xxx

Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

Bethan said...

I love posts like this - I'm so nosey! Your storage is amazing and this is the exact sort of set up I would like when I get my own place and have my own space :)

Bethan | Thought from Beth x

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Wow! Amazing!!! Love post like this, but I'm really obsessed with your storage!

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Aisling E said...

Omg So jealous of your collection! Love how you've stored everything ! x x

Lulu Ewing said...

Wow that's quite a collection! Love how you've stored it x

Emily said...

great post Nice collection as well. :)

Amy Tibble said...

Great idea, a girls gotta have options everywhere! x

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you! x

Amy Tibble said...

Ah I'm glad! Totally affordable storage too, Ikea is amazing! x

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you! and so cheap too x

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you :) x

Amy Tibble said...

I know right, getting a little out of hand and that is after I downsized haha thank you x

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you :) x

Zoe C-B said...

I'm so jealous of your organization skills (and ALL the products you own) xx