Sunday, 11 January 2015

There's a new fave toner in town

Above is the pixi glow tonic and it is definitely a new fave. I am really lazy so a product that claims to tone as well as exfoliate the skin was always going to be a winner for me. It is a super gentle exfoliation but you can definitely feel such a difference in your skin after use, it is doing my dry patches absolute wonders. It has a host of lovely ingredients including aloe vera, ginseng and witch hazel to name but a few. My skin can be quite sensitive at times but this doesn't make my skin angry at all, in fact I feel super refreshed after use. It is that gentle you can use pixi glow tonic in the morning and night.

Pixi says:
This exfoliating facial tonic tones, smoothes & refines skin texture. Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, revealing healthy glowing skin. Botanical extracts soothe and nourish. Alcohol free.

The exfoliating aspect of glow tonic is amazing because for me it means my foundation seems to sit so much better as before I never used to exfoliate everyday, once a week if my skin was lucky! This stuff is so easy to use that there is no excuse. It doesn't zap any moisture from my skin and because of the witch hazel it has a positive effect on any blemishes I may have. I believe the ingredient within glow tonic which makes is an exfoliate is the glycolic acid which may make you think, well that doesn't sound very nice for my skin but actually it isn't harsh at all.

At £18 a pop from liberty's this stuff isn't cheap and the price did put me off for a long time but as I got some birthday money at the end of November I thought I'd treat myself. Now I have it I really am impressed and will definitely be repurchasing this because it is an amazing multi purpose product which my skin seems to be loving.

I know there have been a lot of reviews recently but I have been de-cluttering my room on an epic scale, I mean like 10+ bin bags of stuff epic. Once I'm done in a couple of days things should hopefully go back to normal and I will be posting as regularly as I did before I got swept away with Christmas! - Amy x

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Marsya Jauzi said...

There's a hype 'bout this tonic and maybe it's good after all. Great post! :D

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Great post! I recently purchased this tonic, and I absolutely love it! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Avani said...

I've heard so many good things about this toner! I think it's about time I bought it! Great review :)

Amy Tibble said...

I certainly wasn't disappointed! x

Amy Tibble said...

You won't be disappointed, I can't see why anyone wouldn't like it! x

Amy Tibble said...

Such a great product hey! x