Saturday, 17 January 2015

The ideal budget base and concealer

I have been trying to stop using my beloved Tarte amazonian clay powder foundation so much as I'm gunna be really bummed when I do eventually run out! I've heard a lot of good things about the new Rimmel lasting finish nude foundation so I thought I'd give it a go. I have really enjoyed using this foundation so far, like many I found the original lasting finish to me too heavy for my preferences but this has a really nice medium finish. I also like that it has spf because if for whatever reason I haven't used a moisturiser with any in or primer, I'm still covered. It does a really good job at evening out my skin and the texture is really light, it doesn't feel heavy at all but you still get really good coverage. I also really like that it is transfer and smudge proof as I often have my head in my hands haha. At £7.99 it's a bloody good base for the price.

I have wanted to buy this for so long, another product that has been raved about and with good reason. as the name would suggest, the maybelline instant anti-age eraser eye really does get rid of dark circles. It has a beautiful brightening effect which really helps me out as I get barely any sleep these days!  Eye bags fo daysss. It feels super smooth and soft to touch, I love the applicator as it is really soft and just makes application a no fuss job, you just twist and the product appears! The formula is perfect for blending with your fingers too. At £7.99 again it is a product you really can't go wrong with.

Have you discovered any new foundations or concealers you've been loving recently, let me know, I've just made space in my collection to add more haha - Amy x

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Bethan said...

I love the instant eye eraser and you can never go wrong with a Rimmel foundation! A few months ago I finally gave into the hype and bought the L'Oreal True Match, so if you haven't tried that already it's a great one to go for that I would recommend for anyone!

Bethan | Thought from Beth x

Amy Tibble said...

I have and unfortunately it accentuated my dry patches so I had to give it to my twin! I was gutted as it looked so lovely on so many other people! x