Sunday, 25 January 2015

Payday haulin' featuring boots, superdrug, ikea and tesco

So payday had arrived and I decided to go to Ikea, place some online orders and do a bit of shopping! It's been a meh month so I thought I'd make some plans happen that I've had for my room for a while and just generally have a little splurge before being good the rest of the month!

I had been looking at this set longingly online and I am so happy it didn't sell out before I could buy it and I believe it is still available. It is the YSL opium fragrance gift set (30ml) exclusive to boots which also includes a full size nail varnish in no.6 and a mini (so cute!) rouge pur couture lipstick in no.1. I have wanted to try a rouge pur couture lipstick ever since I got my first rouge volupté shine, I'm sure the nail varnish is amazing and the colours so are lovely! The perfume is nothing like I have, it is really intense and smells kinda like spicy biscuits but in a really good way if that makes sense. This was only £25 down from £50 so for what you get it is a pretty ridiculous price.

I also got the nails inc Belgrave Square limited edition special effect polish for only £4.50 instead of £15 which is a massive saving! It is I guess a top coat full of chunky rose gold and little gold and black glitter. It is lovely and nails inc is always a winner in my book! It also comes in there super pretty newer style bottles which I love! I did get some totes cosy socks from boots as well which are pink and have multi coloured pompoms on but they are already on my feet and are so damn comfy! They were only £1.80 in the sale!

I found the MUA twelth night winter editions shade in superdrug for only £2 so I had to buy it! It has some lovely shades that are right up my street.

I was excited to find some new things in store in superdrug. There were two new maybelline colour tattoo shades, one a frosty white and the other a shimmery chocolate brown which I went for called chocolate suede. I love on and on bronze and this looks to be the browner version of that so I am sure I will love this! I also picked up the new maybelline foundation in dream flawless nude in Ivory. It reminded me of the YSL fusion ink foundation for some reason, not that I've tried it, it is probably because they both have odd stick applicators. You shake, open and basically dab the stick on your hand and it applies product onto your hand for you to work from or you can just use the stick to dab it straight onto your face then blend. I swatched this and it feels lovely and light and looks like a gorgeous coverage and finish so I'm excited to try that out properly. Superdrug has a buy one get one half price on maybelline products at the moment too!

I found some amazing bargains in tesco! I got the tisserand head clear aromatherpy roller ball as it is meant to be calming and was only £1.65 down from £5.50! It may work, may not but it does smells amazing. I also picked up the Dr Lewinns Renunail 3 step as my nails are really suffering at the moment and this was £8.10 from £27 so I'm guessing it is a pretty good set to sort my nails out and comes with a strengthener, a sensitive strengthener and an oil so it looks good.

Onto the mothership that is ikea! I picked up this fake carnation for £1.65 which I think looks reasonably real and a little vase which I am pretty sure was £1

I also got this glass 'cause I liked the pattern which was 50p. I find it is the perfect size for a spirit and mixer but also really nice for tea lights.

I picked up the infamous plant pot 'cause I have it in white, green and pink but not in red so it had to be done!

On the left for my room I got the small billy bookcase which was only £12, crazyyyy and I also got some plain white boxes to go in it for £2.50 each. It has three spaces, two that fit the boxes that has my dirty washing in and the other hair tools and then the bottom one I just put a little basket in with clean bedding. Unbelievably cheap and pretty sturdy even though I did build it myself haha. I also got another helmer to go next to my other one to store skincare and hair care in so it isn't in basket and is put away so it just looks tidier basically. For £25 it is the perfect storage solution, sturdy and looks really lovely too I think!

I also got two chairs. The grey and white one is from Ikea, which you can't really see but you get the gist, well you can't fully see either of them but anyway! It was £10 and I just use it as a computer/desk chair as the one I had ran out of gas and I am sick of buying new ones so I just got a cheap one that has so fancy up and down levers to go wrong with it! I also got the seat cushion from ikea for only £2. I really like how bright it is but the grey in the houndstooth pattern still ties in with the chair. The beautiful mustard/olive/kinda yellow rocking chair is from ebay and is 'inspired' haha by the eames RAR rocking chair. This was a steal at only £32 when the real thing costs over £400. Even by 'inspired' standards it is a good price as they are usually around £50 on ebay. I picked the colour as it is just something a bit different to white or black. I'm glad I went for something different as I absolutely love the colour and it really stands out against all the white furniture in my room. It is so unbelievably comfortable, so relaxing just rocking back and forth and will the perfect reading chair. As you can see it also makes a lovely bright background for blog photos haha.

So there you have it my rather large and very varied haul! I got something other cheap xmas decorations/wrapping from wilko and tesco but who really wants to see that in January! Heads up everything was 10p so I urge you to have a look to save yourself some money in preparation! - Amy x

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Becki Lewis said...

You've picked up some amazing sale items in Boots, I love the YSL gift set and the Nails Inc polish :) I didn't realise Maybelline had new colour tattoo shades, the one you picked up looks gorgeous!
Becki |

Sophie L Farrell said...

The YSL set looks amazing, and I need that yellow chair in my life!


Emmajane. said...

I've been lusting over that perfume for so long! Must get myself to boots! Such a bargain! X

Harry styles inspired outfit post is in my blog if anyone's interested! X

Amy Tibble said...

Neither did I, I was surprised when I saw them in superdrug but the brown shade is gorgeous and is the perfect shade for a brown smokey eye x

Amy Tibble said...

There is nothing better than a rocking chair! best buy in ages I'm tellin' ya! x

Amy Tibble said...

It's still available on the boots website! x