Saturday, 17 January 2015

Makeup revolution recent releases wishlist

It's coming up to payday in a week and I really fancy a good splurge on some makeup revolution products as I haven't in a little while. In terms of price and quality they really can't be beaten! I thought I'd share with you what's on my ever growing wish list.

A couple of the the one blush sticks as they remind me of the nars matte multiples looks wise anyways. The atomic lipstick range because the shades look friggin amazing, I mean that green, wow. The radiance palette as it reminds me of the hourglass ambient lighting palette but at a price I can actually afford! The stripped and bare palette as it reminds me of a ysl palette I really liked the look of. A pink blush palette because the shades look beautiful. The mermaids vs unicorns palette because the shades are unlike anything I have and super duper pretty. Finally I received an email about some new brushes from makeup revolution so I really want to try a couple of them! The new lip hug lipsticks also look amazing! 'Cause of the price it's kinda guilt free make up shopping, what more could you want?! All of these can be found on the makeup revolution website, it seems like superdrug are a bit behind when it comes to actually getting new launches into store.

Have you got any suggestions of products I should also try from makeup revolution? - Amy x

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Robyn said...

I've never tried makeup revolution before! Looks like its pretty good stuff :) Happy splurging!

Amy Tibble said...

I have got a few products now and it is such good quality for the price! Counting down the days til the 23rd haha! x

Zoe Archer said...

MakeUp Revolution do some lovely products, I have the Mermaids Vs Unicorns palette and it is a beautiful product.