Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 goals

Checked back in with my 2014 resolutions and I didn't do too good on keeping them but focusing on the positives, I did work really hard and ended up graduating with a 2.1. My blog has grown lots and I'm excited to keep going. I did manage to loose some weight so that's a plus. I have kinda started to worry less and I have started to stop saying no to new opportunities.

Onto the coming year.
1. I want to continue to work on my mental well being and look back this time next year at how far I've come.
2. One that seems to be on my goals list every year but until I make it it will continue to be and that is to loose weight. Now's the time. I want to be fit and healthy by the time I'm 25 so just under two years to go!
3. I want to go for a walk everyday, well that is the aim but a few times a week would be an improvement. It's good exercise and a good way to clear my head.
4. I want to de-clutter and organise my belongings and not own so much stuff!
5. I want to find a full time job that is fulfilling and I'm happy in.
6. I want to start cooking proper meals again instead of processed crap.
7. I want to go out more, meet up with old friends and make more of an effort to be more social.
8. I want to budget better and stick to financial goals so I can at least nearly be or be debt free by the end of the year. It's not much debt but not being paid a huge amount means I can't put by a huge amount and I got bills to pay yo but that is my plan and if I can de-clutter and own less I will save money!

Let's see how I get on with these goals hey! If you have any tips for weight loss let me know, I've been trying for years but I wanna get serious this time round. I know you can start a fresh at any time but there is nothing like a brand new year to get you motivated! - Amy x

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Anna Megan said...

Good resolutions! <3 hope you continue blogging, if you want to check out my blog :

Jessie-Ann Lewis said...

Good luck with your resolutions hun! :) i love going for long walks. I've been stuck inside all day today and hated every single minute haha! xx

Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

Amy Tibble said...

Snap! I have to go out at least once a day not including whenever I work! And thankyou! x

Amy Tibble said...

Thankyou! You too and I will definitely check out your blog :) x