Wednesday, 10 December 2014

REVIEW: theBalm mary-lou manizer

Okay as far as I am concerned this stuff, theBalm mary-lou manizer aka best highlighter ever, is just amazing. You can apply it to give you a subtle glow or apply it to really make an impact but it still doesn't look too over the top. It has a super pretty light golden tone I feel would suit the majority. It is super soft to touch and I personally find it works well being applied with a brush or dare I say it my fingers! dun dun dunnnnnn. It is a great shade to use to highlight your brow bone too or just a base shade on your eyelids. My main use for it is to highlight the tops of my cheek bones, I just think it looks absolutely beautiful and really lifts my face. I brought mine quite a while ago now from feel unique. I think I got some money off when I brought mine but I think £16 is a pretty good price for something of such good quality and something that has multiple uses. I definitely wanna try more theBalm stuff. I have my eye on the mia moore lipstick, it needs to be mine! - Amy x

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