Saturday, 6 December 2014

My top red lip picks

I really couldn't whittle it down so this is a pretty big list of my fave red lip picks. I'll start from left to right. First up is the infamous Mac ruby woo. This is such a stunning shade and one I think would suit anyone. Next up is Maybelline's super stay 10h tint gloss in endless ruby, I can't find this online but if you find it it really is such a pretty deep red and lasts so well on the lips. Mac's Viva glam I is another favourite. It is such a gorgeous deep red with a slight brown tone to it, can easily be worn in the day time but looks beautiful with a smokey eye. A newer addition to my stash in the L'Oréal red by Eva. The packaging is so lovely and the formula is smooth and pretty long lasting. Next I have two Bourjois rouge edition velvets in personne ne rouge and grand cru, Personne ne rouge is more of a true red were as grand cru is a beautiful deep red. I do have trouble with application with grand cru but the colour is so beautiful it is worth the extra effort. The other rouge edition velvets I have apply like a dream so maybe I have a duff grand cru. Next I have a lipstick from collection in the shade revenge from the gothic/vamp range. It is basically the solid form of grand cru but slightly darker and is the most amazing shade. Finally and the most recent edition to my collection is the L'Oréal red by Blake. It has a lovely formula like eva's version but is a lighter truer red.

I can't wait to wear all of my red's through out the festive season, I seem to be at work most of the time nowadays but alas I'll find time! What is your favourite red lip product? - Amy x

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Yve'sChild said...

I love the composition of your photos! I really want to try the Bourjois Colours. Love the post xx