Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My christmas decorations, calendars and easy D.I.Y bunting

I thought I'd share with you my homes festive decorations aka the max my mum will allow me to decorate in the living room and the Christmas grotto that is my room haha. I also thought I'd let y'all know about the four advent calendars I have. Yes I am greedy haha. Pictures left to right top to bottom: My festive bedding and cushions, classic foil ceiling decs, all the presents under the family tree, my Christmas tree in my room, my window complete with bunting, lights and snowflakes, tinsel and stars around my bed, berry decs in a little vase, my advent candle, the fire place decs in the living room, my first ginger bread house, precious angels, the family tree, my mirror has had a Christmas make over and so has my other one, close up fairy lights on my window and I also have a star that I forgot to photograph and a little Christmas candle set up.

As you can see I love the classic reds and greens mixed with a kind of kitsch feel. I have mainly gotten my decorations from asda or tesco however there are some from the ideal home show at Christmas and various garden centers. I usually make an effort to buy at least one new tree decoration every year however for my room decorations it is pretty much all new this year but everything small was around £1, the tree was pre lit from asda for £5, the wicker heart was £5 from wilko I think and the material bunting was £5 from sainsburys I believe. The window fairy lights were a right bargain for £3.50 down from £7 at wilko and I really like the unusual burgundy and orange colours. The star I have that isn't pictured is battery operated from primark for only £2.50 and is really bright so really stands out on my window.

The bunting above the round mirror and also pictured in the image with the 'the most wonderful time of the year' plaque is the D.I.Y I wanted to share with you! It is super simple and looks really nice, I think anyways. I just used thick wrapping ribbon or string, decorative pegs, printed and cut out my chosen images from the internet and put it all together and there you have it really, super easy. It cost £2 max as I got the decorative pegs for £1 from cargo in the sale and a pack of ribbon for a £1. If you haven't got a printer at home you can always go to your local library as it is really cheap to print there. It doesn't need to be on photo paper, in fact it is easier to cut out on normal paper.

I have four calendars because I'm greedy, well I did buy three of them myself but anyways they are the yankee candle Christmas present advent calendar, the snowman advent calendar, the kinder calendar sent over by my brothers friend from Germany and the you beauty discovery advent calendar. I've really enjoyed getting a little present everyday haha. The yankee calendar has a lovely selection of tea lights that smell amazing and I have really enjoyed burning them each night. The you beauty discovery calendar is full of AMAZING products, most of which have been on my wishlist as some point or another so it is well worth the money.

That's a wholeeeeeeeee lot of Christmas for one post! Please leave a link if you have done a post on your Christmas dec's because I'm nosey and I love Christmas! In fact link any Christmas posts I am in a seriously festive mood! - Amy x

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Alisha H said...

Looks incredible! Loving how festive everything looks! Alisha x