Sunday, 14 December 2014

D.I.Y: Salt dough christmas decorations

I was searching the interwebs for cheap christmas ideas and I came across the amazing invention that is salt dough. All you need is 250g of plain flour, 275g of table salt and 250ml of water. You just need to mix the two dry ingredients in a bowl, I didn't sieve the flour and it was fine and then just add the water SLOWLY and work with your hands until you have something that resembles biscuit dough, All you need to do next is roll the dough out (I used a bottle of port because I didn't have a rolling pin) on a flour coated surface and use cutters or just a knife to make your own shapes. These shapes can then be placed on a baking tray. I coated my baking tray in a thin layer of butter or you can use parchment paper just to make sure they don't stick to the tray. These need to be baked in the oven at 100 degrees for three hours which seems like a long time but they need to be cooked at a low temp for longer so they do not crack whilst being baked. This probably doesn't need to be said but these are not edible!

After they had completely cooled I began the decorating process. This can be done with acrylic paint, glue, sequins, glitter ect but I only had gold glitter glue and lots of nail varnish so I used nail varnish and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. The nail varnish also dried quite quickly so that was good. Word of warning though it friggin' stinks so you need a well ventilated room or if you can, it would be best to do it outside. I had to have my patio door open for a good hour. It's worth it though because they look so pretty on the tree!

Above are my finished snowflakes! I think my fave is the red one I did with some barry m red glitter. It only took two coats and looks so good! I didn't do the back as you can't see that when it is hanging but I did just seal it with the gold glitter clue. I also did a couple with a chunkier maybelline and barry m glitter as well as a holographic barry m glitter. The two in the corner I gave to my auntie and cousin and those were done with some seventeen texture nail varnish. I just think they look super pretty! I have the red one on my tree and I asked my sister to try and pick out which one I made and she picked one I had brought from a shop haha so that shows you have good they can really look!

They do take a while to make but whilst your sat decorating listening to Christmas music it really does feel so festive! They look pretty festive hanging in the garden too hey! I have never ever made salt dough before and rarely do any kind of baking so given that mine have actually come out how they should of that just goes to show how easy they are to make! They are also incredibly cheap to make! The salt I got cost 29p and the flour was 40p! I did pay £1.50 for the cutter but if you already have some or just use a paper stencil and a knife you can make some really cheap pretty decorations! They would also make nice host gifts or a cheap present for your kids teacher at school/school friends and it would be especially heart felt considering you could get them to join in and decorate it. Salt dough is also amazing for modelling little babies feet/hand prints so it would be perfect for a D.I.Y first babies Christmas dec! Have you tried salt dough before? - Amy x

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Bethan said...

I use to make these in school when I was younger and completely forgot they existed until now - thank you for the reminder of such a great idea :)

Bethan | Thought from Beth x