Wednesday, 31 December 2014

14 favourites for 2014

1. Colab dry shampoo because it is the best I've found so far
2. Botanics toning spritz because it feels super refreshing and is a life saver in the summer months.
3. Tarte amazonian clay powder foundation and brush because it is my go to.
4. YSL rouge volupté in pink in confidence because it was my first ysl product, I wore it on my graduation day and it makes me feel confident!
5. Frozen because let it go.
6. Lancome hypnose mascara because it is hands down the best mascara ever made.
7. Invisibobbles because they have stopped many headaches forming because my hair isn't being pulled when I wear it up anymore.
8. Anastasia brow wiz and brows in general because I've really embraced brow products and grooming this year.
9. Too faced chocolate palette because the colours and formula are divine and it smells like frigging chocolate.
10. Graduating with a 2.1 because I never thought I would in my wildest dreams.
11. Watching my little cousin Jacob grow because he is the sweetest little boy.
12. Finding more confidence and sorting myself out mentally because it had to happen sooner or later and I'm glad I finally grew a pair and went to the doctors. Kinda hard to share that but hey honesty.
13. Baggy/oversized tops being acceptable/even fashionable because that is basically what I live in!
14. Realising that if I'm not happy in a situation, I have the power to change that. Life should be full of happiness, not worry or stress over things that, with some strength, I am able to change. For example I wasn't happy in my job so I left and started again somewhere else which thankfully I am enjoying and is right for me right now.

Happy new year everyone! Whatever you are doing I hope you enjoy yourself and may 2015 be everything you wish it to be! I'm hoping for great things! - Amy x

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Maria Beardall said...

the colab dry shampoos smell amazing & are so good! x

Mariam Sesay said...

I really want to get some tarte and too faced products- they look amazing and I love Frozen too!!

Zoe Archer said...

Frozen is my favourite film too. I love the Too Faced chocolate palette it is beautiful.

Emmajane. said...

I think the design of the 2 faced palette is so cute! X

Amy Tibble said...

Agreed, everyone at least needs to give them a try! x

Amy Tibble said...

such amazing brands, shame they are kinda pricey but worth it! x

Amy Tibble said...

I only know a select few that don't like frozen and they must be crazy hah x

Amy Tibble said...

Agreed, best designed palette I know of and the smell, yum! x

Jessica Madgewick said...

Love the Co-Lab dry shampoo, it's definitely my new fave!
Jessica x