Sunday, 26 October 2014

Two brushes I've been loving

I love slanted brushes for anything to do with my cheeks and I have really been loving these two. After I accidentally ruined my beloved Barbara Daly slanted blusher brushes I needed to find a replacement asap. I found the CALA brush in my local TK Maxx for a measly £3.99 and given that this brush has softness that easily rivals Real Techniques as well as how it feels quality wise, it was a bloody bargain. I've been using this brush for a good few weeks now, I absolutely love it and as it's slanted, I find it is the perfect shape for applying blush or bronzer perfectly and most importantly it looks natural.

Onto the next brush I have been loving and that is the Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush which is also slanted. It is slightly bigger than the CALA brush so I do just use this for blush but it is SO incredibly soft and as it is retractable it is super easy to store and I find it to be more hygienic than not having it covered up. This brush is also great for powder, obviously when it hasn't got the remnants of blush on it! It's the perfect brush for just popping in your bag. I got this for £9 odd when it was on offer on feel unique but it is usually around the £12 mark which I still think is a great price for the quality. You really can't go wrong with Real Techniques in my opinion.

What have your fav brushes been recently? What would you recommend I add to my collection? High on my wish list is the infamous MAC 217! - Amy x

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Amy Paxford said...

My favourite brush is the Real Techniques buffing brush - I use it when applying foundation and powder, and it leaves it perfectly blended in!

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