Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October favourites!

Say hello to my October favourites! It has been one hell of a month for me and finally I feel like I've found some sort of normality/routine so fingers crossed November is more settled and it's my birthday month!

Onto my favourites! I have been loving burning the Yankee candle candy cane lane, I know I know it's a bit early but it really smells so good! I'm trying to finish my fireside treats one though so I think this will get saved now until December.

The L'Oréal hot & smooth heat protection spray has been amazing for making my hair straighter, smoother and feeling in better condition after I blow dry and straighten. I don't need to straighten my hair so much with this which is really good! I just have annoying flicky bits at the ends.

I have been loving the Lancôme hypnose drama mascara. It gives me so much length and volume, it is amazinggggg! It also doesn't flake which is great as that is my biggest bug bear with mascara's.

The app calm on my iphone has been a godsend. I have gotten into meditation to calm myself down or help myself get to sleep and this is such an amazing app. The free version comes with two meditation programs calm and calm 2 but I have paid just £2.99 for three months to get all of the meditation programs. There are also 6 months and 12 months subscription offers, the longer the subscription the cheaper it is. Please bare in mind though that it is automatically set to auto renew so just go into your apple store settings if you don't want that to happen. There is stuff for sleep, anxiety, inner peace, basically everything you could think of you'd need help with!

The ickle pumpkin isn't a fav, I just think it is so cute! What has been a fav for this month though is going on walks with my mum. Recently we've been going everyday and it's mainly to help her but It's been really good for me to get some fresh air every day and it's a time where we can have a chat if we want and spend some quality time together so it's been really nice.

What have been your favourites for this month? - Amy x

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Carmen Varner said...

It's never too early to get in the Christmas spirit. I bet the candle smells delightful. :] // ☼ ☯

Rachel Roar said...

I really want to try out that Yankee candle, the name is so cuuute! Is it a sweet smell? xx

Rachel | Beauty & The Bird

Amy Tibble said...

It is sweet but as it has a hit of peppermint it isn't overly so. A really unique nice smell x

Beautys Blessings said...

Lovely favorites! ♥ These all look like great products! Thanks for sharing sweet girl! I love your blog!

Cay ♥ | | Latest Post - October Favorites 2014

daisychurchward said...

That app seems so cool! I just never seem to have time to do anything like that haha, completely against what it's really about isn't it.

Amy Tibble said...

You can literally pick to do it for 5 minutes, I find it really helps before bed x

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you! x