Sunday, 5 October 2014

My perfect pamper evening routine

As it's a chilled sunday night, I thought it would be the perfect time to let you all in on my pamper routine! It's pretty straight forward to be honest and I do tend to swap products in and out but I'll tell you the formula for my perfect pamper night.

1. I always start with taking off all of my make-up. On this occasion I used Bioderma.

2. I pop on a face mask to leave on whilst I have a good soak. My mask of choice is the sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask.

3. Then I fill up the bath popping in my favourite bubbles and bath bombs. On this occasion I used Dolly's mixtures rhubarb and custard shower gel as well as a selection of little bomb cosmetics bath bombs. The shower gel smells EXACTLY like rhubarb and custard, so good! All that's left to do is have a relaxing soak.

5. Next I'll use a body moisturiser and at the moment I'm using the body shop mango body sorbet. This stuff is really refreshing and smells so nice!

4. Now out of the bath I'll take off my face mask and then cleanse again and on this occasion I used the Avené cleansing lotion. I then use toner (Avené cleanance toner in the travel spritzer) and moisturiser (Hydraluron moisture jelly).

5. Finally I'll relax with a good book or a peruse through bloglovin'.

As far as I'm concerned that's a pretty perfect night! I was away at the time of taking these pictures so had some travel options and would normally light a candle or two but if you fancy a pamper night it's not a half bad routine to follow! What's your fav pamper product? - Amy x

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Saida Cane said...

Great post! What do you think of the hydraluron jelly moisturiser? Do you use it on it's own or add anything over the top of it? I've been meaning to try it but can't decide if its worth it! I've also had my eye on that thermal mask and I think it's going to be my next purchase after my origins masks have run out. You have a really lovely blog :) Saida xx

Amy Paxford said...

You can't beat a good relaxing bath! I love the 5 minute thermal detox mask, and for me no bath is complete without a few LUSH products xx
Messing With A Dreamer

Amy Tibble said...

Thankyou! I really like the moisture jelly and I tend to just use it on its own. I do on,y tend to use serums when my skin is really misbehaving though. It's a lot like the texture of the original hydraluron serum, just a smidgen thicker but I'm going to do a full review on it soon anyways but it works for my skin which atm is a bit of everythingggg. X

Amy Tibble said...

Agreed, the new Halloween and Christmas ranges look amazinggggg, especially the glittery pumpkin I've seen x