Monday, 13 October 2014

M&S beauty haul

So I went to Marks & Spencer's recently and I accidentally went to the beauty section and may have accidentally taken these items to a till, oops. I really wanted to try out some of the limited collection range, in particular their limited edition stuff. Oh my the packaging is so cuteeeeeeee. Okay it's cardboard but it does feel sturdy enough and the prices are pretty bloody good for M&S.

The first thing I picked up was in the sale section and is actually from the autograph range and is that super pretty shimmery peach eye shadow. It is the first swatch going from left to right. It was only 79p I believe and is the loveliest shade! Perfect for high lighting or a wash of colour all over and I'm impressed with wear time and would liken it to urban decay. Obviously the applicator is useless and I would prefer if the packaging had a window so you could see the shade but for the cheaper than chips price and super pretty colour I don't really care.

Now onto the limited collection items. I picked up the bronzer in light and this was only £5 which I think is really cheap for M&S. It feels really smooth, blends really well on application, only has the tiniest hint of shimmer so is great for contouring and the packaging is really eye catching. It is the second swatch from left to right and as you can see it's a really nice wearable shade which for me works perfectly on my quite pale skin.

I also picked up a blush which a long with the bronzer and the lipstick I'll talk about next is limited edition and I think they switch these up every season. The blush is stunning. The gold is only a coating but underneath is a darker pink in the flower pattern. The packaging is sooooo cute and matches the flowery pattern on the blush itself. The swatch is third from left to right and is of the colours swirled together. It creates the most beautiful dusty pink with a hint of peachy orange, kinda hard to describe but you can see how nice it is and a really nice shade for autumn/winter.

Finally I picked up the lipstick in mallow. This is such a pretty shade I would wear for everyday. It's kinda hard to describe, it's like a dark dusty pink with a slight browny orange tone if that makes sense. Probably easier for you to look at the swatch, last on the right. I am rubbish at describe colours haha. This lipstick is smooth, applies evenly and lasts really well. It's the perfect autumn nude as it's slightly darker in tone than your average nude lipstick.

Have you tried the limited collection from M&S? I definitely want to try more from the permanent range and whilst I was there I noticed M&S sell stila, some damage may be done, I must keep away! - Amy x

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septhyne riadi said...

I love that lipstick shade! Nice packaging too!
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