Tuesday, 14 October 2014

D.I.Y: Flower wall

I kept seeing these beautiful flower walls online and I really wanted to try it out for myself as I love fresh flowers and I don't know if they really do but they seem to help a tiny bit with my mood. I just brought some washi style tape but in a bolder colour instead of super light as I wanted it to be part of the feature as well as something practical to stick the flowers on with. I then just brought a cheap £3 bunch of flowers from Aldi. My initial idea was to go from light to dark and semi wing it in terms of spacing ect and just hope I had enough flowers. Above is my final result and I'm really happy with it!

Above is some inspiration. I had a quick browse on google images before I started sorting everything out. I really liked the more spaced out designs and ones that had more of a looser pattern. These are obviously all on white walls but I thought it would still work on my peachy pink wall as it's light enough.

So the left picture is half way through, As I was initially going light to dark I quickly realised I didn't have enough to do that properly and sticking a gerbera ect in the middle of it would look pretty randon. I switched some things around, added some of the leaves as well and made is more of a casual pattern instead of being to rigid with going light to dark. I am so happy with the result and for £3 for a bunch of flowers and £2 for some washi style tape (I got two rolls for this) I think it's a really cheap D.I.Y that looks so good. I'm hoping the flowers will dry out nicely and it will last a while but it not it was cheap to do and looks beautiful while it lasts.

What do you think? Would you consider this for your home? - Amy x

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April Kimber said...

I Love this!
Im defiantly going to try this out! maybe on a canvas or something so i can choose a background colour!
thanks love - April @ http://theateamlife.blogspot.co.uk/

Amy Tibble said...

Good shout with the canvas, would be much easier to sort out if the flowers don't dry nicely! x