Monday, 15 September 2014

The Body Shop bargains

Recently The Body Shop had the infamous 40% offer on so I headed down to my nearest shop and took full advantage as I cba to wait for a parcel! I have had my eye on these beauts for a while so let me talk you through what I picked up.

Instablur. This stuff is pretty amazing. I've seen sooooo many people hype this up but it's definitely worth the it! With my work I can't be bothered to put foundation on as I get so hot there's just no point so when I'm at work I just use this. It stops my face getting disgustingly shiny, blur's my pores and just makes my skin look that bit better. It's a good dupe for benefit's porefessional but in my opinion better as it definitely feels less oily if that makes sense.

All-In-One BB cream. Another product I've wanted purely for the hype to be honest but again it doesn't disappoint. As I've gotten used to not wearing foundation any more this is lovely to use on my days off. It gives my skin a lovely even finish and a fuller coverage than other BB creams I've tried. It's super cool that it starts off white and adapts perfectly to your skin tone.

Mango body sorbet. I have wanted this since it came out but for some reason I thought it was more than £8 so I got an even better deal with the 40% off! I'm always hot just before bed and go to sleep with my fan on pretty much every night so this is lush to use before bed as it is really refreshing and cooling. I absolutely love the smell of mango's so this product is heaven! It absorbs really quickly, is light and doesn't leave you with that horrible sticky feeling.

Tea tree pore minimiser. I picked this up as my skin hasn't been behaving itself at all lately. As I've been so hot at work as it;s quite physical, my face has just erupted, not fun times! I'm not sure on how effective this is at minimising pores as I haven't really noticed the difference but it's a great base for make-up. The tea tree is super good for my skin and those pesky spots and it just feels nice and refreshing. It also matifies my face which I prefer for autumn.

I love when the body shop has the 40% off as I saved so much money and ticked quite a few products off my body shop wishlist! This all came to around £25 which is craaaaaazzzyyyy!! What's your favourite body shop product? - Amy x

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Rachel White said...

I love when Body Shop does all these discount days, means we can go crazy and spend TOO much! ha! I love anything tea tree and may have to try that pore minimiser..see if it actually works on my face! xD

Rachel xx

daisy walters said...

Ah I never knew about the 40% off!! I would have got the instablur, I've heard so many things about it!

xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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Rachel Roar said...

The Instablur sounds amazing! I've almost run out of my Benefit Porefessional so will defo give this a go soon!

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Amy Tibble said...

If you subscribe to the body shop newsletter they will email you about all of the codes :) x

Amy Tibble said...

It's definitely a cheaper alternative, I was surprised I preferred it but it really is that good! x

Amy Tibble said...

Yeah it would be interesting to see as I have read reviews where it has minimised pores but maybe I need to consistently use it instead of swapping between that and instablur! x

Zoe Archer said...

I love the body shop body sorbets. So refreshing and they smell divine.