Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shop my stash: Autumn eye picks

Continuing on with my autumn picks, above are my top autumn eye picks! As you can see there is a lot of bronzey brown golden lovin'. I've also picked a lot of quick and easy products to use as when it's freezing cold in the morning, I for one want to get ready as quick as possible and get wrapped up warm!

I'll start from left to right. First up are two eye creams and they are the Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr in permanent taupe and on and on bronze. Permanent taupe is a great matte base or just gives the eyes a little something worn on it's own, it's so easy to use! On and on bronze is a staple all year round to be honest, this is the most perfect bronzey metallic shade that looks great on it's own and as a base for making other colours pop.

Next up are two powders from Mac. The lighter reddy purple shade is cranberry in a frost finish and the darker purple is called sketch in a velvet finish. These both have shimmer, sketch only having a slight shimmer but they both look so so beautiful, especially together! I wear cranberry all over blended out and then sketch in the crease for a lovely autumnal eye look.

The pencil in the middle is from the Kardashian beauty range and is called the high eye q film noir gel eyeliner in starry brunette. This is a gorgeous deep bronzey brown with little flecks of glitter. It does not budge at all and the colour is stunning. It's perfect for defining the eye but using something a little more interesting than just plain brown or black.

From top to bottom I have two Rimmel scandal'eyes eye shadow paints in rich russet and golden bronze. These are incredible for the money and blend like a dream. Golden bronze really makes my eyes pop and rich russet is the perfect everyday no fuss shade, you just apply, blend and go.

Another Rimmel product that is a staple is the scandal'eyes eye shadow stick in bad girl bronze. It's a lot like the eye shadow paints but obviously less wet but the wear time is just as good, Bad girl bronze is more of a darker darker bronze and warmer in tone. Again a product you can just quickly apply, blend and your good to go.

Yet another bronzey eye stick, I just can't help myself and this time it's from Collection and is called hot chocolate. This is more of a cool toned bronze, a lot like rich russet but a fraction darker. Great wear time for such a cheap product, I think it was only £2.99, crazy!

Finally a product that has been compared to the by terry ombre blackstar is the No7 stay perfect shade and define and the one I have is in cool mink. I loveeee this, it's the perfect taupey champange shade and it's wear time is incredible. It's so easy to just swipe on and blend.

As you can see everything I've picked is really easy to apply and has a really long wear time. I think autumn/winter is all about eye bronzed eyes and berry lips and that's exactly what I intend to wear! Whatever your budget you can easily change up your make-up for the new season or even better do what I've done and have a root around what you already have! - Amy x

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Abi S said...

Those colours look great! So Autumn-y ha! Abi :)

zsuzsanna wrywood said...

Great products! I like this autumn makeup that goes around with berry lips and bronzed eyes, do you like it?

Z ♥

Amy Tibble said...

Yes! That's always my staple look. I wear bronzed eyes all year round to be honest but for autumn it's made more intense and just bolder lips! x

Zoe Archer said...

The Maybelline colour tattoos are beautiful products, you can use them as a primer or a stand alone shadow. I love products that are multi use.