Friday, 5 September 2014

Bomb cosmetics

Okay first things first these smell amazing! I picked up some bomb cosmetics stuff from a garden center a few weeks ago now and I wanted to share my thoughts. 

You can buy 10 mini bath bombs for £2 which I think is a bargain given that lushes cheapest bath bomb is £1.95. There are lots of scents including my two favs coconut and rhubarb and custard. I think smaller bath bombs are a good idea as you can mix scents or add only a little summin' summin' to your bath. 

The soap is only £2.49 or 3 for only £4.99 again such a bargain! There are lots of different ones on offer. The one I picked, jack the rippler (odd name!), has an outer coconut layer that acts as a nice scrub and is just a nice treat to use compared to bog standard soap. It has a really strong scent of raspberry vanilla goodness a long with the coconut, it's heaven! I definitely want to pick up some more to try, it's such good value for money! 

Having just had a browse on their website I reallyyyyyy wanna try some of their candles, they look amazingggg. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to lush definitely give this company a try! - Amy x

p.s I've sorted out a blogging schedule so hopefully notanotheroneamy will be getting back to normal real soon!

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Ellabella said...

Lovely purchases :)


Lux Veritatis said...

They look so cute:)

Carmen Varner said...

These look sooo0ooo good. I bet they smell marvelous. I love the bright colors. Enjoy. :] // ☼ ☯

Rachel Roar said...

I love Bomb Cosmetics stuff - their bath bombs look and smell so lovely!!

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Amy Tibble said...

Yes, I want to try the bigger ones I've seen on the website! x