Saturday, 9 August 2014

Waitrose skincare?!

I was browsing waitrose and stumbled upon their own brand of skincare that looked rather nice and for £2.99 each the price was alright as well! They do have a few other bits but I picked up the face polish, beauty balm, facial oil and eye gel. They are almost full (98/99%) of naturally derived ingredients, are great for sensitive and are fragrance free so pure is a rather good name for the range.

The face polish is a really lovely gentle scrub and does it's job well and for £2.99 there really is nothing to complain about. I really like the simplistic packaging too, yes it's cheap but it has that elegance you'd expect coming from waitrose. It also contains shea butter and coconut oil, two amazing ingredients!

The beauty balm is lovely and again it contains shea butter and coconut oil and is soooo moisturising. This is perfect for any dry bits of skin such as your elbows, knees or dry patches on your face. It's really nourishing and feels like it's doing good.

The facial oil is so lovely, I can't believe it's only £2.99. It's great to put on just before my moisturiser and contains sweet almond oil and vitamin e so is super good for your skin! I'm surprised such good ingredients are in something so cheap.

Finally I picked up the eye gel. This stuff is so cool and soothing. It contains vitamin e and olive oil, I have no idea how something for £2.99 can have such good ingredients but I'm not complaining. Why pay for the body shops vitamin e range when you can get this!

I am so impressed with everything I've got, I think my fav has to be the eye gel as it's really cool and calming. The standard of ingredients is incredible, they don't irriate my skin at all and I really want to try more!

Have you tried waitrose pure? If not, why not? Go. Now. The beauty balm and face polish are currently on offer for £1.99, even better!

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Jenny Cole said...

I will definitely be popping some of these in my basket on my next shopping trip! I wonder if they do a serum...although the facial oil would do a similar job thinking about it :)

Jenny xx

Amy Tibble said...

I brought some more stuff today, It appears that the oil and eye gel is also £1.99 at the moment even though it's not on the website x