Friday, 29 August 2014

They see me haulin' (again!)

Okay this is awkwarddddd, my last post was a haul but hey ho it was pay day yesterday woopwoop! I decided to go on another homeware binge amoungst other things so I thought I'd show you what I got and yep this is all in a day, my bad! In my defence I'm working the next four days so no opportunity to shop then!

These three are from homesense, oh how I love that store! The hand was £4.99 and will make the perfect ring holder! The plastic jar cup was £3.99, Ideally I wanted the glass set I had seen there before but they didn't have it this time so I compromised with this! Lastly I got the mug from the clearance section for only £1.70! I really like the tiled pattern in pinky blues.

Again from homesense I picked this acrylic make-up storage up for £6.99 which I guess is about the same online but  I didn't need to wait for it to come! now I can store my high-end lippies nicely!

Moving onto what I picked up from matalan. I got this hugeeee glass container for only £5. I'm going to pop my overflow of nail varnish in this as it will look much nicer than a cardboard box!

Also from matalan I picked up this heart shaped cake stand as I thought it would be perfect for storing some of my most loved perfumes. If you are wondering why all of my perfumes wouldn't fit on this sizeable cake stand, it's because I have FAR too many, oops!

From sainsbury's I picked up this plastic sectioned tray in the clearance section for only £1.87 and this will be perfect for putting in one of my drawers for my make-up. I also got the lavender (doesn't smell) garland from the home clearance section for £4, this will look SO cute around my bed headboard.

Also from sainsbury's and the home clearance section I picked up this wild cotton three wick candle for only £3.75. It smells amazing and fresh. Not autumn appropriate at all but there's technically still some summer left!

I also went to tk maxx and found the physicians formula mineral wear correcting concealer set. It comes with a highlight, a blemish cover colour and a yellow for under your eyes. This was only £3.99 and I have heard so many people who are from or have been to america talk about physicians formula so I was like right that set is mine! It's so cool 'cause the three things connect together like lego. I also picked up an angled contour brush which I'm going to use for blush as I ruined all of my fab barbara daly ones so had to chuck them. I have no idea how I ruined them, I washed them and then they smelt like sick so what the hell! This brush from tk maxx was only £3.99 and feels really soft so bargain!
From boots I picked up the hydraluron moisture jelly as I have been eyeing it up for a while and it's only £16 something instead of £24.99 at the moment.
Finally, bit of a random purchase but I picked up a bog standard calculator as I always write my budget/money down so it will be handy just to keep one with my notebook.

I also spent £37 on my brothers birthday present so it's been a spendy day!! Hopefully it's let you in on some bargains you didn't know about. If you haven't been to a homesense, seriously go! It is amazing and there are so many cool things to buy for decent prices. Now to be really good for the rest of the month so I can enjoy my brothers birthday celebrations gambling in London! -  Amy x

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Jessie-Ann Lewis said...

Some gorgeous products here! I got paid today and will probably end up posting a Haul post very very soon!! It's typical of us girls i think! xx

Jessie @ All Things Beautiful

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you! I'll keep a look out for your haul x