Wednesday, 6 August 2014

REVIEW: Revlon colourstay moisture stains

I have been waiting for these for what feels like a lifetime. I've kept seeing reviews of them online, mostly from the states and I was thinking c'mon UK when we gunna get 'em! That day came people! and a few days a go I picked up the revlon colourstay moisture stain in barcelona nights, the darker pink and then a couple of days later I couldn't help myself, I picked up la exclusive, the lighter pink, so you can kinda tell I like them already just from that!

These apply like a dream, so smooth, glossy and long lasting. They aren't sticky, as from the swatches they look more like full on lip-glosses but they aren't, they are definitely more glossy than a balm but have that same moisturising quality. These don't have a really nice scent but it's not particularly offensive either. The stain these give are beautifulllllll, these really settle on your lips to create a beautiful flush of colour long after the gloss is gone. They fade evenly, no nasty ring around your lips and the two shades I picked are so so so lovely! I'm not sure I'd buy any more as these were they only two shades I really liked but in terms of formula they are great. I love lip products like this, no fuss application, no fuss wear and they create a beautiful stain that lasts, looks pretty and isn't going to make you look like you've put lip liner on and forgot to fill hah. I think barcelona nights and la exclusive are the best of the bunch. The colours are very wearable for any occasion/place. They aren't super pigmented but that's to be expected as they are balms and their purpose is for a stain of colour, so if you are wanting a liquid lipstick, give these a miss. The packaging is so sleek. I love how it's outlined by the black and has a gloss finish like the stains. The packaging is also super handy as you can see the product so know which colour you are picking up and I just generally think that way of doing it is nicer. I'm almost certain the actual applicators are bright pink making it hard to see what the actual colour is from the applicator unless you swatch it. I think I'd of preferred white applicators and the only other bug bear is that I wish they had put a scent in them but other than that I'm one happy lady to have these in my collection finally!

Have you tried these yet? What do you think? - Amy x

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