Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My top budget brow picks

I never used to do anything to my brows other than waxing/tweezing. For the last year I've gotten more into actually making an effort with my brows and I thought I'd compile a list of my top budget friendly picks. I've read so many reviews about anastasia brow wiz or hd brows ect but I'm pretty happy with the above!

Pencil wise I really like using the rimmel eyebrow pencil which is kinda a classic for only £2.99. I also like using the pencil end of the soap and glory archery (£10) and the pencil end of the revlon brow fantasy (£6.99). Powder wise the nyx eyebrow cake powder for £7 is pretty good, to apply this I use the real techniques slanted brush which is soft and lovely to use. In terms of tinted gels I LOVE the revlon brow fantasy, it isn't crispy at all and looks nice and natural. Same goes for the new brow this way from rimmel which is currently on offer for £2.99 (normally £3.99). I also use just a cheap clear mascara to set my brows, sometimes I only use this if I'm in a rush, the one I'm using at the moment is the collection colour lash for only £1.99. My ultimate eyebrow fav is the pen end of soap and glory's archery. It is so easy to use, isn't pigmented so it doesn't look like you've just drawn felt tip on your eyebrows, and looks natural which is key for me!

I have collected quite a few brow products now but these are my fav depending on how much effort I want to put in. I just brought the collection brow set which comes with a clear brow mascara, three eyebrow powders and a brush for only £2.99.

What are your fav brow products? - Amy x

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Sally C said...

I use the Soap & Glory's Brow Archery too & agree the tint/pen end looks so natural!xx

Amy Tibble said...

I was surprised I liked it so much but the fact it's more of a tint makes it the perfect thing to use x