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Lip product addict tag

I thought I'd do a nice little tag as I LOVE any beauty product that's lip related! This is of course the tag created by the lovely Estée from essiebutton and Amelia from Amelia Liana.


1. Favourite balm/treatment?
2. Best eye-catching red?
3. Best luxury & best drugstore?
4. Best MAC lipstick?
5. The most disappointing?
6. Liner - yes or no?
7. Best gloss?
8. Something extra!

Okay so 1. My favourite balm/treatment, although I love my nuxe reve de miel, the one that works best for me is the No7 protect and perfect lip care. It works amazingly well if you smoother it on and leave it over night. Don't get me wrong the reve de miel is amazing but the No7 offering is super intense.  

2. Best eye catching red is easy, it's MAC's ruby woo. I've said so many times this red makes me feel like a film star but it really does, I can't put my finger on it but it has something special about it that's for sure.

3. Best luxury is definitely the YSL rouge voluptes, in particular the pink in confidence rouge volupte shine. It is my favourite special occasion my lips but way WAY better shade. My best drugstore lip product, right now as it changes all the time, is the rimmel kate moss lipsticks. Amazing formula's be it matte or regular and a great shade range.

4. Favourite MAC lipstick is really hard! I've already mentioned ruby woo so I'm going to pick something else. It really is a tie between syrup, a lovely my lips but better pink or mehr a dusty nude-ish pink. 

5. Most disappointing is a recent purchase. It's the essence xxl matt 'lip gloss' in 06 soft nude. I have one in red (07 silky red) that I really like but this particular pinky nude doesn't go on evenly at all, looks really flakey and doesn't dry nicely at all but as I've said I have a red one that is the complete opposite so I don't know what's gone wrong there! 

6. So I've been experimenting with liner lately. I have got quite a few with the intention of using it but never really have but the other day I used a liner to line and then filled my lip in completely. I REALLY liked the effect, my lips looked full, the colour felt completely locked in like it would last on my lips for ages and it made me realise I should just buy liners to save some money hah but seriously liners YES, if you haven't already, try what I did, like literally why didn't I do this sooner!

7. Best gloss has to be benefit. Lovely colours and it isn't sticky AT ALL. Benefit were the brand that changed my mind on lipglosses, I used to avoid then since having some bad experiences hah in my early teens but now I know non sticky versions exist I love a bit of gloss! 

8. Something extra has to go to Bourjois rouge velvet edition in grand cru. It is the most mesmerising red I have ever ever seen. It's got that golden age glamour about it. I didn't pick it for eye-catching as it's a deeper red but wow it looks incredible. The formula is amazing and just ahhhh the colour. Google swatches people! 

So finally I've done the lip product addict tag! It's made me want to rad my lipstick draw and experiement now! It's also made me remember that I really should wear bourjois grand cru more 'cause it's beautiful as well as MAC mehr! 

Have you done this tag? Leave a link so I can be nosey and if not do it then link me 'cause it's a lot of fun to do!- Amy x

P.S I've been super crap with posting lately and I can only apologise! I have had training for my new job which I thought I would then start next week but as a previous company still hasn't sent over my reference and I have no idea why as my contact is on holiday I am stressing outttttttttt! but hey I can't change it, I will just have to wait til they are off holiday but I really wanna start my new job and I have my last day tomorrow at my current one so yeahhh I'm stressing! It's all well and good telling yourself not to worry but sometimes you can't help it! I just hope it all works itself out because as I've said numerous times I am stressed!! Anyways! That felt good getting that off my chest hah! I hope you guys bare with me in this transitional phase and hopefully when I'm settled things will go back to normal! In fact I promise they will, I'm just not sure when that will be so I'm sorry! 

P.S.S When I finally get paid from my new job, which I'm hoping will be the end of september if I start quick enough, If not end of october for sure, I will be doing a give away which I promised ages a go I know but life happened but I still plan on doing one to say thank you to all you lovely people that read my blog! I'm trying to think of a really good prize! 

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