Saturday, 2 August 2014

July favourites

Another month, another favourites. It's august which is crazy but what's even more crazy is that I'm contemplating the fact that Christmas time is only 4 months away! Can you even believe that! Anyways down to business! I've been loving a lot of things this month, it was hard to cut down to the above with is still a lot along with a few randoms. 

First up, I did show this in a haul, is my primark floral kimono. I have been wearing this nearly all month. I hate hot weather so it's light enough to cover the tops of my arms which I hate, looks pretty but doesn't make me boil over so it's a win win. 

Next it has to be Heinz, Heinz spaghetti. I lie it doesn't have to be Heinz or the alphabet, I have just been loving tinned spaghetti for a meal lately. Obviously this isn't the best option but it's tasty and quick! 

I have also been loving hand sanitizer. This is a general love to be honest but one in particular has stood out this month and it's the cuticura for primark sugar candy edition. It smells amazing and keeps your hands clean, what more could you ask for hey! 

Another fav is the botanics rose water toning spritz. I had to repurchase this recently, it's just a godsend. It feels amazingly refreshing on my skin and is a great toner but recently, because of the weather, I have been spraying it every so often to cool me down. This then standing in front of a fan, ugh heaven. 

Next up is the tarte amazonian clay powder foundation. I've already reviewed this, it's just bloody amazing and I have been using it A LOT throughout July. It's powder but it's finish looks as if it's liquid, incredible! 

A very recent fav but since I've got it I've been using it everyday is the essence all about nude palette. Such a lovely little versatile palette that I can just shove in my bag if I'm in a rush and have to do my makeup in the car. It works well being applied with fingers and for the price of £3.50 it's lasting power is amazing. 

Before I started using the essence palette my obsession was with the nude'tude palette from thebalm. The shades, formula, lasting power are/is AMAZING. Although it is, I would say, higher end, the price (£26.50) is pretty fair for 12 shades and it's so versatile. You have shades for eyeliner, highlighting, all over, crease, outer and inner corners. It really is a great palette. 

Next is the maybelline dream sun duo in golden tropics. Again a great product to shove in my bag as it's a bronzer and a blush in one. Super pretty shades, lasts well, it's just a great product. 

I have also been loving the body shop honey bronzer in 01. It is such a perfect shade for my skin tone and gives me a really natural glow instead of me feeling like my face looks overly bronzed I feel confident! It's so easy to apply and feels super smooth. Plus the honey imprint is so cute! 

Also from the body shop I have been loving the colour crush shine lipsticks. The shade I have been using the most is 15. It's a beautiful cross between a coral and a pink. It fades beautifully and really injects some life into your lips and somehow manages to make me look healthier if that makes sense hah.

For brows I have really been enjoying the Revlon brow fantasy. It is so easy to use, I normally use the gel on a daily basis and if I have more time I will go in with the pencil first. Great shade, looks natural on and lasts really well, I don't find myself worrying about whether I've smudged my brows or if they've disappeared!

When I've really been in a rush I've been enjoying using the Kate moss for rimmel rose gold scandaleyes eye shadow stick. It's really easy to blend and makes you look like you've put way more effort in. The shade really makes my eyes pop and it literally lasts all day. 

Randoms favs include couples come dine with me. It is hilarious and the narrator Dave Lamb isas comical as ever, he really makes it. I've also been enjoying the latest series of new girl, Zooey Deschanel is just amazing and you can really sense the chemistry between all of the cast. Favourite movie of the month has to be bad grandpa, it had me in stitches and because the people around the two main characters aren't even aware they are in a movie, meaning their reactions are real, makes it even funnier. Think jackass but on a wholeeeeee new level. One sentence/clue: shit all up a restaurant wall. There you go people!

So those are my favourites, what are yours for the month just gone? Do any of ours match? - Amy x



Jenny Cable said...

Loved reading this post, you have such a variety of favourites :) I've been looking at the Nude Tude palette, glad to hear you think it's worth investing in :)


jasmine turner said...

I need the Nude Tude palette! Lovely favourites!
xprincessjas | ♥

Amy Tibble said...

you should definitely buy it ladies! can't get over the pigmentation x