Wednesday, 16 July 2014

REVIEW: Benefit they're real push-up liner

I really wanted to say I love this but I just can't. The formula is fine but it's nothing special, I wouldn't say it was any better than other gel liners I have and it actually comes off with cleansing wipes so it's not super hard to get rid of either.

Having a nib yeah it's good but for the life of me I cannot get a thin line, now maybe I just need practice and I'm getting it wrong I dunno. On a plus though thick feline flicks with this stuff does look really good and although I don't find the formula anything to write home about it does last well as others I have. It can get a little flaky on the flicks but I tend to be a bit of an eye toucher so I'm sure that is why.

My main gripe and I don't know whether I have a duff one or not but I twist for the product to come up and it does take a fair few clicks each time and nothing happens and then a load comes out at once which isn't helpful as there's lots of wastage. Also when the product does come up I find you are left with a lot of product in one place rather than an even distribution so what I find best is letting the product come up, putting some on a bit of paper or whatever and working from this rather than keep clicking more up and wasting it and it being more of a faff.

Overall the formula is fine, the nib is nice to use for a thick flick but I can't perfect the subtle look and I get wastage. I'd be quite happy reverting back to using a brush to be honest and I think I might get the silicone real techniques line 'brush' to try as I feel it is less messy without a brush brush if you get what I mean and the silicone brush would be a good compromise and easy to just wipe off. I like the they're real push-up liner and the concept is good I just think the distribution of the product from the tube to the nib needs to be worked on a little bit to stop wastage.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

I feel like I've been doing lots of reviews lately but I've got a day off today to be able to sit down and get planning some new posts! - Amy x

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Jessie-Ann Lewis said...

At first I heard loads of amazing reviews about this but now lots of people are being a little more sceptical. I wanted to buy it but after the reviews I have read I am not sure I do anymore.. it is very pricey too! xo

Leanne Webber said...

Interesting review!
I like honest ones like this one.
I personally love the eyeliner but agree on the distribution of the product.

nailsandteapots xx

jasmine turner said...

I've heard mixed reviews on this product, and think i will probably give this one a miss! I do love Benefit products, but i prefer gel liner!
xprincessjas | ♥

Анна-Алина Гевелюк said...

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Amy Tibble said...

I'm gunna try and bear with it! I've worked out that if I click it up a couple of times and then push together the nib some product does come out, I think it might just be a bit too thick! x

Amy Tibble said...

sure thing :) x