Thursday, 3 July 2014

June favourites

I actually got my act together and remembered about monthly favourites, I think this might be the first time?! If not definitely the second so yay me hah. So above is a collection of what I have been loving through out the month of June. This month was pretty busy and hot too so beauty wise it mainly meant keeping my face from looking like a shiny hot mess!

1. The naked 3 palette but in particular a shade called trick. I used the naked 3 palette for my graduation so it has a soft spot in my heart but basically I have been loving golden/bronzed eyes at the moment and this is the perfect shade to create that look.

2. Witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer. My chin has been spots galore from all the stress so it's nice to know I'm using a product that actually helps that. I normally use more silicone based primers so I'm really surprised I love this as much as I do but it just works and really helps make-up to stay on my face, especially during the muggy hot summer days.

3. My oh my, I'm doing a seperate post on this so I'll keep it brief but the Chanel vitalumiƩre aqua foundation is just the bomb. It is SO good and I used it for my graduation but in particular running up to 'the big day' and it just stayed put!

4. One heck of a blot, one heck of a saviour! yes soap and glory! So I had to set up my degree show and the opening night was at the end of the second day of very hard work getting it all ready and oh did I look a mess and the 'glistening' hah shine on my face kept coming back and coming back so I decided to really put this stuff to the test and wow oh wow. I was really worried it would look cakey but I purposely got it as so many people have said it isn't cakey and wow it really isn't! My face was a mess and I was pilling it on to make it look like I wasn't sweating like a pig sorry tmi but I was! and this stuff sorted my face right out and made me look presentable so this powder just wow you need it people!

5. A product claiming longevity and oh it delivers. The urban decay all nighter setting spray, there must be some magic in this bottle. Not only does it set your make-up perfectly, it some how makes it look better and you end up with a beautiful dewy finish that really does stay put, even if the sun is trying it's hardest to make it slide off your face!

6. This little guy is basically an emergency charger. It's called a pebble, there is one that looks like a tube but this is the one up as it holds two charges which in case you are wondering is completely true. I wouldn't of been without this going to London as my phone just wouldn't of lasted and I really did need it if anything to tell my parents when to pick me up from the station haha. Damn iphone's battery life but this thing is a life saver and super easy to charge up as it comes with a cable for charging and you can just plug it into your iphone charger and then just use your iphone's cable to use with it to charge your phone!

7. The lovely ysl rouge volupte pink in confidence and it definitely does give you confidence, well me anyways. First of all the packaging is beautiful and I feel like a bad ass when I pull this out of my bag hah. Secondly It really plumps up your lips beautifully without the horrible tingly sensation. Thirdly the shade is stunning and I really think it would suit anyone.

8. Last but by no means least, oil sheets! These really help to get rid of the shine, especially when I didn't wanna ruin my one heck of a blot by using that straight on as transferring it can make the pan icky if you get it wet if you know what I mean. Anyways these oil sheets really did the job and actually had some powder on them, then one heck of a blot made me look presentable so dream team. In normal circumstances I would just use one heck of a blot but because of where my exhibition was and it being literally like a green house, I needed reinforcements, so these really worked a treat!

A couple of favourites that don't need images are Amazon and in particular being able to sell your old books on there. I've managed to get rid of soooo many of my Uni books and get some money back and it hasn't been any hassle at all. Yes amazon take more of a cut than ebay but for ease of selling and people being able to find your books easily I highly recommend amazon.

Another fav of the month is the movie Sparkle starring Jordin Sparks. I saw this on sky movies and thought meh it will be crap but I fancy a sing song but wow I was wrong. The acting standard is SO GOOD. The songs are great. It has comedy, happiness, sorrow, I was a blubbering wreck at the end and most of all it had Whitney Houston in and her singing his eye is on the sparrow, so good!

So there you have it my June fav's! I'm kinda proud of myself for actually remembering and doing this post as I really love reading other people's monthly favourites 'cause I'm nosey! - Amy x

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jasmine turner said...

Lovely post! Ive also been loving my Naked 3!

xprincessjas | ♥

Aline C. said...

Great round up, I want to try out the Soap and Glory powder!

Rachel Marie said...

I really want to buy the naked 3! x

Cassandra Myee said...

Great favourites! I have so much love for the Naked 3 as well!

CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

Amy Tibble said...

You won't regret it! x