Saturday, 19 July 2014

forty beauty questions tag!

I work all weekend so I thought I'd do a nice relaxing tag post for you all as I haven't done one in a while! Although this one is pretty long and I like to ramble hah!

Here are the questions:

-How many times do you wash your face daily?
-What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
-What is your current facial wash?
One from clean and clear, no reason, was just on offer. I tend to just get whichever is on offer and catches my eye
-Do you exfoliate?
when I can be bothered oops
-What brand do you use?
 I use a botanics scrub for my face at the moment and the body shop body scrubs for my body
-What moisturiser do you use?
Origins ginzing
-Do you have freckles?
-Do you use eye cream?
Yes, the one that matches the origins moisturiser
-Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
When I'm stressed yes
-Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?
Nope, regular solutions have worked for me

-What foundation do you use?
At the moment Chanel vitalumiére aqua and tarte amazonian clay powder foundation
-How about concealer?
At the moment the soap and glory kickass duo
-Do you know your undertone color?
No idea, but I do tend to get redness on my cheeks so if I'm thinking about that I go for yellow tones
-What do you think of fake eyelashes?
They hurt my eyes so I don't wear them
-Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?
I did but if it's not dry meh
-What brand of mascara do you use?
Lancome, maxfactor, rimmel, bourjois, basically all the drug store brands you can think of I've probably tried
-Sephora or MAC?
Mac 'cause I'm british yo
-Do you have a MAC Pro-card?
-What makeup tools do you use in make up application?
Fingers, real techniques brushes, Barbara Daly blush brush is just perfection
-Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
If it's a special occasion
-For the face?
Again if it's for a special occasion or I remember to, I'm normally in too much of a hurry.
-What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
Bronzey taupe
-Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
-How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
I never do really, I do that more with mascara hah
-What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
Lovely but messy
-Do you use mineral makeup?
Yeah but I'm not too fussed what it is as long as it works, I don't go out of my way to use it, It's mainly based on shade ect
-What is your favorite lipstick?
YSL rouge volupte pink in confidence
-How about lipgloss?
YSL glossy stains and the L'Oréal dupe, Maybelline colour sensational gloss and tanya burr's
-What is your favorite blush to use?
tarte amazonian clay 12-hour blush in fearless
-Do you buy your makeup on ebay?
I have but I'm a bit weary of it now
-Do you like drugstore makeup?
-Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)
Nope never really had the chance
-Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
-Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
I can be if I'm half asleep but I've gotten better
-Name a makeup crime that you hate?
Eyeliner all over everywhereeeeee, let me see your eyes people!
-Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
Both, it depends on how I'm feeling
-Which celebrity always has great make up?
Blake Lively always looks stunning
-If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?
Mascara, I feel more put together with mascara on
-Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Yes I literally do it allll the time and I don't even care! you probably wont see these people again haha
-Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
I think I've got pretty good skin so without seeming big headed yeah I don't think it matters either way, I just view make-up as being artistic but with my face
-In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
I can't even choose wahhhhhhhh erm right now I'm loving a lot of things from the body shop although I've also really been loving tarte lately. Over all I would stay rimmel is a safe bet for finding alright things in each section with some real gems at prices people can afford
-What do you think of Makeup?
For me personally it's a hobby. I love collecting it I guess and I see it as a way to be artistic. It's not the be all and end all, I will go out without any on and be perfectly happy, It just gives me that extra boost or extra feeling of being put together and 'done' and I enjoy experimenting and shopping the latest releases. I definitely get excited for makeup more than fashion so it's just something I enjoy using and writing about!
If you read that all then wow I salute you! Not a bad tag to do at all. I found this tag on so if you want an idea for a quick, well this one wasn't so quick haha, post if you are busy with work ect give that blog a peruse. - Amy x


jasmine turner said...

Lovely tag, i read it all ;) Sounds like you have some amazing makeup products!
xprincessjas | ♥

Corinne said...

I agree on the mascara, I always feel like my face looks empty without it.. My lashes are quite fair so I feel like I look loads different with no makeup.

Corinne x