Wednesday, 23 July 2014

24 things to do before the 24th of June

I graduated on the 24th of June this year and have made it my mission to accomplish a few things within the next year to make myself happier and to give myself some direction. I've been set free into the big bad world with more bills to pay and hours to work! I thought the best way to kinda get my thoughts together would be to write them down and what better way than in a blog post with you guys! This isn't just a task for people who have recently graduated, maybe you're just not happy with where you are at in life and setting some goals to achieve within a year could give you some direction. I know goals and writing things down for me makes me feel more purposeful otherwise I tend to always feel a bit lost if I haven't written my thoughts down in some way, be it notes on my phone or wait for it actual pen and paper!

1. Write my C.V
2. Find a full time job in the care sector  waiting on a start date/crb/references to come through but I accepted a job as a full-time care assistant at a lovely care home on the 14th!
3. Set up a savings account to save towards a masters in art therapy
4. Set up a savings account to start saving towards a deposit for a flat.
5. Join a choir again or some form of group
6. Make new friends
7. Go to Paris for the day
8. Continue to grow my blog
9. Loose weight
10. Get into a consistent exercise routine
11. Eat in a michelin stared restaurant
12. Work towards getting into a normal sleeping pattern
13. Improve the strength in my knee's
14. Make better food choices
15. Learn how to make pasta
16. Cook a dish from a cook book
17. Have a mini vacation on my own
18. Be less guarded, open up more when I meet new people and have the confidence to just be myself!
19. Meet a good guy and open up my heart to the idea of a relationship
20. Learn more about HTML
21. Take control of my finances
22. Complete the 100 days of happiness challenge
23. Buy an iphone again and get insurance this time!
24. Look for reasons to be more positive and less reasons to be stressed

Have you made a list? If you have any tips for me for any points on my list let me know! I may do an update every three months to check in with how I'm doing, probably more for my benefit but hey! - Amy x

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Aimee said...

Lovely post and great list :) I'd love to have a mini vacation on my own too :) x

The Belle Narrative

Amy Tibble said...

Glad to here I'm not the only one! my mum thinks I'm terribly unsociable aha x