Thursday, 12 June 2014

YSL/Yves saint laurent rouge volupté and rouge volupté shine lipsticks

I just can't get over these lipsticks. This time last week I had none and now I have two er oops?! These of course are the Yves saint laurent rouge volupté lipsticks, the left one being the shin variation. I originally got my first one, the shine version, because I wanted a special lipstick for my graduation and you don't get more special than this beaut. I then kinda fell in love with the packaging, the formula and the sheer luxe and wanted another one! Luckily for me as far as I can see, and with my whole arm full of swatches, these are the only two shades I actually like but that's probably a good thing!

The left one above and in the swatches, the volupté shine, is called pink in confidence, number 8 (such a lovely name and will definitely make me feel more confident, no idea why but a good lippy always does that for me) and is the one I will be wearing in the day for my graduation. On me it's a my lips but WAY better shade, making my lips more pinkier and appear fuller from the slight shimmer, something I wouldn't normally like but with these it's just beautiful and I can't believe how much nicer it makes my lips look. Clearly I'm not typing proper english as there just are no words gahhh! Zero picking up dry patches, for a sheer/shine lip colour it packs a nice punch and it also lasts better than expected too.

The right one again above and in the swatches is called rose opéra or opera rose depending on where you are from, number 29 and is the normal rouge volupté. It is soooo silky, I've never had a lipstick with such a smooth texture. The colour pay off is really nice also, nice and opaque and a great transitional shade from pink in confidence to the evening of my graduation in which I will be going out for dinner with some of my fam! It lasts quite well too but let's be honest who would mind whipping these out of their bag, I mean they are BEAUTIFUL!

I first picked one up and was like woah these are heavy, it's like they are trying to justify the price with the weight haha to be honest for something for a special occasion I don't think it's so bad. I got mine from house of fraser and boots at £25 each which yes is expensive but for a special occasion and a real treat in the grand scheme of things it's okayyyyy. I still wouldn't pay £36 for tom ford, but this I don't mind.

Have you got one of these? Would you buy one? What's your favourite high end lippy? - Amy x

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Ginger said...

These have such gorgeous packaging.

Ellabella said...

Love YSL! Packaging and color !
I don't have one unfortunately

Carmen Varner said...

I totally agree. If you never tried the product, you likely will once you see the packaging! :] // ☼

Gemma Douglas said...

GORGEOUS shades! I treat myself to one in January and although I love it I wish I'd bought a more wearable shade (I picked up a red!). I love love love pink confidence. x


Miss Louise said...

I have Opera Rose and I loooooove it ;) I went a little crazy with these a month or so ago (I bought 4 haha)... Definitely need to try that Pink Confidence shade!

Scoo said...

These are absolutely amazing! I have quite a few of the Shine and Rouge Pur Couture but none of the Rouge Volupte! Needs to be rectified! :D

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Amy Tibble said...

I want to try the rouge pur couture next! x

Amy Tibble said...

Hard not to go crazy they are so damn pretty! x

Amy Tibble said...

I think I want a red next, once you've brought one it's hard to stop! x