Sunday, 22 June 2014

YSL glossy stain and parisian night blush goodness!

I took my nanny out shopping with my twin the other day and she VERY kindly offered to buy me something and above is what I got. Full on swoon. My nanny is one of the few that can kinda get why some make-up is so expensive. She used to be an avid user of clarins for years until she got an allergic reaction, weird I know but hey and I've always grown up thinking one day I will have the 'fancy' stuff! Over the last year my make-up collection has really expanded and I've started a nice collection of high-end which I guess I'm weirdly proud off 'cause I've saved ect and they are like my prized possessions in a way! 

Anyway back to the products in hand. My nanny wanted to buy me something for my graduation so as we were in house of fraser trying to find her some shoes, I went past the ysl counter and they had some stuff 50% off, I was like what?!?!?!?! and hence these two happened. In fact my nanny was actively encouraging me to pick more haha but I fell in love with these two beauts! First up is the beautiful glossy stain in 04. I've wanted to try one of these for so long and after trying the rouge volupte's even more so! It has a beautiful consistency, stains lovely and fades perfectly. This was only £12.50 as it was half price which is crazyyyy considering I not long paid £25 for the rouge volupte lipsticks but hey I didn't pay for this one aha. It's a really lovely red wine kinda shade. It's too much on the lips at all, could be worn in the day or one to keep in your bag to give your lips a little summin' summin' in the eve. 

Next up is a blush which according to the lady on the counter is limited edition and on further inspection it's from the holiday 2013 limited edition collection called Parisian nights and the blush is apparently called rue de babylone. I didn't pick it for that though. As you can see from the product image it is absolutely stunning and a perfect pink palette. The heart is a slightly darker shimmery pink and the outer is a lighter more matte pink. From left to right the first swatch is the heart, second the outer part and third swirled together. This is pure luxury, the packaging, the way the product is laid out, it's just beautiful. This was apparently £39.00 down to £19.00 but accord to the till receipt it was £29.00 down to £14.75. Either way what a saving on a limited edition palette. I'm really tempted to use this for my graduation face instead of the urban decay naked flushed. It is soooo soft to the touch and just ahhh lush! 

Have you been spoilt recently? I would highly recommend going to your local house of fraser with a ysl counter to see if you can get any bargains if you want to try ysl. So far so good for me, the quality is amazing! - Amy x

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Carmen Varner said...

The blush is absolutely gorgeous from color to packaging. However, it looks rather bulky, so it wouldn't be ideal for traveling. :] // ☼

Miss Louise said...

YSL is having a friends and family sale this week and I think I'm going to purchase a few things ;) I mean, it's not 50% off like your purchase (JEALOUS) but still haha! That was so nice of your nanny!

Amy Tibble said...

alas I won't be travelling any time soon! x

Amy Tibble said...

Very nice!! I was quite surprised when I saw the 50% off stickers! x